Wed. Aug 4th, 2021
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CEBU: The Bureau of Customs Port of Cebu seized an estimated total of P184 million worth of undeclared, misdeclared and undervalued shipments last month. Apprehended in different anti-smuggling operations, these seized containers yielded cigarettes, used clothing and plastic boats.

September’s value of apprehensions is higher than that of August by P36 million and nearly double to that of the value of seized goods for June and July.

Port of Cebu District Collector Charlito Martin R. Mendoza said the increase shows higher efficiency of the port’s anti-smuggling campaign, brought about by better coordination, intelligence, and x-ray technology.

“We anticipate an increase in yield of our anti-smuggling efforts because first, we anticipate the surge in smuggling attempts for the Christmas season, and second, business is more difficult these days due to the pandemic,” explained Mendoza, who reiterated his warning to importers to not attempt skirting the law and instead to, “file import documents properly, declare your goods properly and pay the correct duties and taxes.”

The District Collector also assured the public that even with heightened campaign against smuggling as directed by Customs Commissioner Rey Leonardo B. Guerrero , Port of Cebu will make sure that flow of goods will not only remain unhampered, but will be more efficient as Christmas season is fast-approaching. 

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