Wed. Aug 4th, 2021
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In  a strange twist, a Philippine account that was taken  down by Facebook because of alleged links to the military and its “coordinated inauthentic behavior” may be reconstructed by the social media giant itself.

According to Armed Forces Chief Gilbert Gapay, Facebook made the offer but admitted that it cannot restore the original page of “Hands Off Our Children,” which is made up of parents whose children became New People’s Army (NPA) combatants.

“But you know, as time goes by, the viewership (of the page) decreases, that is why we are asking [them] to restore it or to (do) reconstruction as soon as possible,” said Gapay who found Facebook’s action “unfair” during a virtual forum by the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (Focap).

“They (Facebook) are unfair to us in taking down those sites because there are many other sites that are really espousing hate, violence, terrorism that should have been taken down in the first place, not these good sites which (we) are advocating on Facebook,” Gapay said.

To recall, the social media giant took down more than 100 pages this month as part of its campaign to get rid of so-called  “fake accounts” and those spreading fake news on local politics. Facebook also trained its guns on pages critical towards the Duterte administration.

The Facebook pages that were targeted were traced to allegedly have links with China, the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The regular pages of the military and police were not affected, with Gapay saying the AFP does not engage in the proliferation of fake news.

“On the contrary, we are protecting our fellowmen, constituents against (fake news) by uploading what is only true and factual information,” he added.

On the offer to reconstruct the page “Hands Off Our Children,” the AFP chief said “the and Facebook have had three meetings, so far, to thresh out issues and “hopefully, we could gain common ground and continue on as partners, as purveyors of truth and factual information for the general welfare of the public.”

“Hands Off Our Children” was renamed “Always Victorious” after the former was taken down last September 22. However, there was a Facebook also called “Always Victorious”  created on May 16, 2018, according to news reports.

President Rodrigo Duterte and the AFP have denounced the social media giant’s take down of “Hands Off Our Children”  from Facebook as the page had the noble intention of educating parents and their children about the NPA and their allies. (

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