Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

By Niño Bonito Padilla

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Q.  What is a seven letter word that only the poor has it but the rich don’t needs it?

Answer: NOTHING!

As the battle of the oligarchs continues many may have been entertained by bureaucrats who appears to be a proletariat’s hero.

Publicly making known their resolve in fighting the allegedly unscrupulous filthy rich who sucks on poor man’s purse.

In congress, it seems everyone displayed their mastery in statutory construction in construing the onerous contracts – unreasonable and illogical franchises awarded to water oligarchs.

The public in the other hand cheered in admiration to this peculiarity. At last it takes 18th congress for them to grow balls.

However, cutting the pipe line of the bourgeoisies does not mean a dead end. That is the beauty of being wealthy , where money is not the only measurement for richness but the myriads of options available for escape route.

The colossal deception lies not just on how politicos publicly lambasted the oligarchs but also on how they seem to appear innocent to the existence of the escape parachutes park under their noses.

Death and taxes are two different inevitable things in this world one can escape without. Well thats according to the gospel of the ages but it may differ in situs , for in the Philippines we can escape taxes . An escape parachutes readily available for those who can afford.

They sugar named it as TAX HOLIDAY.

It is basically a break from the payment of income tax levied by the national government for a certain period of time. It is only the congress who can grant TAX HOLIDAY.

In other words this is a kind of TAX AVOIDANCE legally available for the fortunate few- the oligarchs.

These are the oligarchs who posted as king makers during elections. Donated election funds or derbies own horses for political race.

For them politicians are commodities worthy of their investments. Their ROI is the favor they will be asking when their kings is already in power.

One of the favors they will be asking is the TAX HOLIDAY- an escape from paying taxes.

Sadly, almost all who are now in elected post sold their soul to influential oligarchs who want nothing in return but a protection to their  interest.  They will be silently ordained blessed cronies to the throne.

Other thing, one might wonder why those who are listed in the top rich persons in the Philippines or in the world are sometimes no where to be found in the top tax payers list.

Well thats the magic of tax wizards .

From making of a holding company to a disguised philanthropic act that they call CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to TAX HOLIDAY. 

Oligarchs and politicos maybe successful in preserving this long tradition of deception and escape.

But, one thing for sure even if they escaped payment in taxes  and play their numbers well ; they can not escape death.

And in death , their  power , wealth and influence will all be the seven letter word that not just the poor will now have it but including them.


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