Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
Improvements to expect in MRT-3 within 2016 | Philippine Primer
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The Metro Rail Transit-3 (MRT-3) will increase its maximum passenger capacity from the current 13 percent (51 pax per train car, 153 passengers per train set,) to 30 percent (124 pax per train car, 372 passengers per train set), starting on Monday.

MRT-3 Director for Operations Michael J. Capati said the increase in passenger capacity will be implemented to help transport more people as the economy gradually opens.

“In addition to increasing our train capacity, our passengers can also expect more trains to be deployed along the mainline, shorter waiting time, and faster travel time. This is part of the Department of Transportationo and MRT-3’s commitment to provide a more efficient and improved service to our passengers,” Capati said.

“The increase in train capacity is a timely boost for the MRT-3, as the public demands higher number of public transportation in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Capati added.

However, the official said that to complement the increase in transport capacity, strict health and safety protocols (7 Commandments) recommended by health experts will be enforced inside the trains. These 7 Commandments include: 1) Wear face masks and face shields; 2) No talking and making telephone calls; 3) No eating; 4) Keep PUVs well-ventilated; 5) Conduct of frequent disinfection; 6) No symptomatic passengers; and 7) Observe appropriate physical distancing rule.

According to Capati, to ensure faster commute and reduced train headway, MRT-3 is continuously working on the deployment of more train sets.

It can be recalled that the MRT-3 was able to deploy 22 train sets along its mainline on 21 September 2020, the highest number of running trains recorded in history.

Further, the MRT-3 was able to increase its train speed from 30 kph to 40 kph last on October 1, after the installation of new long-welded rails (LWRs) was completed in all MRT-3 stations, as part of the massive rehabilitation program of the rail line being implemented by Sumitomo-Mita-ubishi Heavy from Japan.

MRT-3 operating speed is expected to gradually increase from 40 kph in October to 50 kph by November, and 60 kph by December 2020.

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