Tue. May 11th, 2021
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The Department of Health (DOH) on Saturday reported 442 new recoveries from the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), bringing the total number of reported recoveries in the country to 313,112.

The DOH also recorded 2,057 new cases bringing the total Covid-19 active cases at 47,773.

The number of cumulative cases of Covid-19 since the onset of the pandemic is now at 367,819, according to the DOH bulletin.

Of the 2,057 reported cases, some 1,892 or 92 percent of these occurred within the recent 14 days – from October 11 to October 24.

The top provinces by newly announced cases are Rizal with 107 new cases, Caloocan City with 102, Quezon City with 96, Benguet with 92, and Davao City with 91.

The top regions with cases in the recent two weeks were the National Capital Region (NCR) with 506 or 27 percent, Region 4-A with 369 or 20 percent, and the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) with 142 or 8 percent.

The DOH also reported 19 new deaths bringing to 6,934 the total reported deaths.

Of the 19 deaths, the DOH said 16 of these occurred in October which is at 84 percent, 2 in September or 11 percent, and 1 in April or 5 percent.

The deaths were from the NCR with 8 or 42 percent, Region 6 with 3 or 16 percent, Region 4-A with 3 or 16 percent, Region 7 with 2 or 11 percent, Region 9 with 1 or 5 percent, CAR with 1 or 5 percent, while one case is still for validation.

According to the bulletin, 37 duplicates were removed from the total case count, and of these, 21 were recovered cases.

Furthermore, 12 laboratories were not able to submit their data to the Covid-19 Data Repository System (CDRS) on October 23.

The DOH assures that these numbers undergo constant cleaning and validation. (pna.gov.ph)

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