Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Intensified police operations and prevailing community quarantine measures caused the number of focus crime incidents to drop by almost half for the past seven months, a police official said on Tuesday.

Citing the latest data from the Joint Task Force Covid Shield (JTFCV), Philippine National Police (PNP) spokesperson, Col. Ysmael Yu said a total of 21,497 focus crimes were recorded during the 224 days of community quarantine from March 17 to October 26, a 46-percent decline from 39,546 incidents recorded from Aug. 6, 2019 to March 16 this year.

These eight focus crimes include murder, homicide, physical injury, rape, robbery, theft, motorcycle theft, and car theft.

The Visayas posted a 51-percent decline in focus crimes, from 10,239 to 5,012.

Luzon and Mindanao, meanwhile, both posted a 44-percent decline in focus crimes.

From 20,880 incidents in Luzon, this number decreased to 11,763 while in Mindanao, the number of focus crimes dropped from 8,427 to 4,722.

Motorcycle theft cases saw the biggest decrease with 62 percent, followed by robbery with 60 percent, theft with 59 percent, car theft with 54 percent, physical injury with 38 percent, homicide with 23 percent, rape with 22 percent and murder with 20 percent.

As of October 25, the JTF Covid Shield also recorded a total of 493,075 quarantine violators have been apprehended.

These have either been warned, fined, detained, or undergone inquest proceedings and released for regular filing for various infractions of community quarantine guidelines.

The task force also arrested 974 individuals for profiteering or hoarding and manipulating prices of essential goods. 

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