Tue. May 11th, 2021
(Photo Courtesy : https://mb.com.ph)

A police officer who claimed he was the one who defended himself against an attack from a Grab female driver might find himself kicked out of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and charged criminally in court.

In a text message to reporters,  PNP Internal Affairs Service (IAS) chief lawyer Alfegar Triambulo said Grab female driver Florence Norial was willing to submit evidence against Police Captain Ronald Saquilayan.

Florence was accompanied by her sister Aubrey and boyfriend Mirza Miguel Shahzad in expressing her intention to press the case against Saquilayan.

Mag-submit siya [Norial] bukas ng statements at evidence like CCTV footage and affidavit of witnesses. Within this week ma place na ang case ni Capt. Saquilayan and others under summary dismissal proceedings (Norial will submit tomorrow statements and evidence like CCTV footage and affidavit of witnesses. Within this week the case of Capt. Saquilayan and others will be placed under summary dismissal proceedings),” Triambulo said.

Triambulo added cases of “grave misconduct, and serious irregularities and conduct unbecoming of a police officer” could be filed against Saquilayan, a chief investigator of the Pateros police force.

Shahzad said that Norial is “recovering” and willing to file the complaints even if she is harboring some fears.

The Grab female driver was arrested after a heated confrontation with Saquilayan who filed complaints of alleged assault against her last October 7.

It was on that day that Norial picked up a passenger from a coffee shop in Taguig but found her path blocked by the SUV of Saquilayan, who said she was waiting for her daughter buying food.

Norial then asked Saquilayan to move his SUV so she could drive off, but to no avail. This led to an argument between the two, with the police officer claiming he was the one assaulted.

Saquilayan then arrested Norial and called for other police officers to bring her to a nearby police station. Although the police officer filed charges of alarm and scandal, direct assault, and disobedience of a person in authority case against Norial, these were dismissed by the Taguig prosecutor.

Saquilayan was off duty during the incident. 

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