Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

A popular Korean YouTube personality sees a victory by incumbent US President Donald Trump this coming November 3 polls, which is also seen benefiting the world.

Kaheva, a English language and Literature student at the Seoul National University who has a YouTube channel with 208,000 subcribers, said in a video blog posted on October 30, 2020 that Trump will win via landslide in the coming US presidential polls over rival Democrat Joe Biden.

She said that based on her analysis of the US polls based on her “head, heart and soul,” it will be Trump who will emerge victorious.

“President Trump will perfectly win. He will win more votes than (what) he received in the 2016 presidential elections,” Kaheva said in her video blog titled “Trump Victory Re-election Perfectly.”

She cited six reasons why Trump will be reelected, with first reason the incumbent president stabilizing the world. If Trump will not win, the world will be thrown in “a state of confusion,” Kaheva said.

However, Kaheva said “since US citizens are wise, they will chose President Trump. The reelection of President Trump will stabilize the world, unite America and make it a great country.”

Kaheva said the second reason Trump will win is he is popular with the public.

“The public loves Trump. What more explanation is needed? Trump has a fan club and Joe Biden doesn’t,” she said.

The third reason is social media had made traditional media less influential in the US.

“The traditional media influencing the politics is over. I say it again – the era where the traditional media exerts influence on the political arena is over,” she said, adding Trump has grabbed 90 percent of social networking services and YouTube.

For reason number four, Kaheva said Biden getting elected can lead to World War 3, citing Trump’s approach to China can avoid a world war.

“A Solomon-like businessman Trump will make a good deal with China for peace. War is also a type of business. If business fails, war begins. The world is not connected through politics, it’s connected through business,” she said.

For the fifth reason, Kaheva said “Trump has prevailed over Biden in terms of impression,” explaining the image of Trump and running mate Mike Pence is “honest and straightforward.” In contrast, the image of Biden and running mate is that of “hypocrite” and “weakness,” according to Kaheva.

For the sixth and final reason, she said Biden is “sticky-fingered” and can’t be trusted.Kaheva’s video blog on Trump winning the US polls has so far gotten 27,200 views as of Saturday. The video can be viewed here Trump Victory Re-election Perfectly. SOVEREIGNPH

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