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Alias Regin, a 15-year old CPP-NPA Terrorist’s child warrior from Tapaz, Capiz.

November 1, 2020 – Two reports from Kalinaw News.

From Camarines Sur, Major General Henry Robinson Jr PA, commander of Joint Task Force Bicolandia (JTFB) condemned the communist terrorist groups for collecting revolutionary taxes from fishermen in Barangay Binagasbasan, Garchitorena, Camarines Sur days before typhoon Quinta pummelled the region.

At least ten communist NPA terrorists (CNTs) armed with high powered firearms were also seen extorting money from fishermen of Barangay Calkigao who, aside from the effect of COVID-19, were also bracing themselves from the typhoon’s onslaught.

In San Fernando, Camarines Sur, heavily armed CNTs demanded P200,000 for the seawall project being constructed in Barangay Cotmo while an amount ranging from P10 to P20 as well as grocery items were extorted from various households in Masbate and Sorsogon.

For the past few months, continuous extortion activities of CTGs were reported in different provinces of Bicol that further aggravated the difficulties in life of the populace in said areas.

Robinson said “This pandemic has turned the lives of Filipinos, especially the poorest of the poor, upside down. Aside from that, we are also burdened by natural disasters and calamities like typhoon.

“Wala na nga silang naitutulong upang maibsan ang hirap na dinaranas ng ating mga kababayan dahil sa iba’t ibang hamong kinakaharap natin ngayon, dinaragdagan pa nila ang hirap na pinapasan ng mga ordinaryong mamamayan,” he added.

Letter to Gabriela

From Leyte, the 802nd Infantry “Peerless” Brigade, 8ID, PA has posted an open letter on Facebook that was written and addressed to Gabriela Partylist by a former NPA child warrior asking help in filing a rape case against a NPA Commander.

Alias Ka Shane, 17 years old and a resident of Hilongos, Leyte, was recruited by the NPA when she was on her 2nd grade.

NPA has promised her education in exchange of joining the organization.

Alias Ka Shane was then assured by her parents, who was also member of the organization, that she will graduate. She was brought to a hide-out in the mountains and was assigned in medical team.

The former rebel claims that she was raped and sexually harrassed by her commander numerous times.

“We condemn the exploitation of the children and we call the groups who are advocating children and women’s rights to join in the efforts of saving the future of the children by stopping the CPP -NPA-NDF recruitment,” said Brigadier General Zosimo Oliveros, Commander of the 802nd Brigade.

This is definitely not an isolated case.

Last February, 2019, from Capiz, Army commanders in Panay condemned the CPP-NPA Terrorist for abusing and destroying the future of a 15-year old who voluntarily turned herself to the troops of 61st Infantry Battalion.

According to LTC Sisenando Magbalot Jr. Commanding Officer of the Army’s 61IB, alias Regin of Tapaz, Capiz left the armed movement and willingly surrendered to the Army due to extreme hardships and hunger in the mountains.

“She is supposed to be studying in school instead of carrying guns and bullets. Her surrender confirmed the CPP-NPA Terrorist’s recruitment and training of innocent individuals including children to take part on criminal activities,” LTC Magbalot added.

Besides rape that is punishable under the Revised Penal Code, recruiting and abusing the child is a gross violation of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law ,and RA 7610 also known as Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act.

Report terror activities

Meanwhile, Joint Task Force Bicolandia reminded the public to report extortion activities and other abuses by the communist terrorists to the authorities.

Robinson emphasized, “Our lines are open 24/7 as we remind you not to give any form of support to this terrorist group. Extortion activities ang bumubuhay sa kanila kaya kapag wala na silang nakukuhang anumang uri ng suporta sa publiko, hindi na sila makapagpapatuloy pa ng kanilang operasyon. Tulungan niyo kaming wakasan ang local insurgency dito sa Bicolandia.”

Huwag kayong padadala sa pananakot at panlilinlang ng komunistang terorista. Your Army in Bicol, and anywhere else in the Philippines, will protect you at all cost,” Maj Gen. Robinson added. (Kalinaw News/

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