Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
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LolEsports: With a 3-1 victory over Suning, Damwon Gaming has finished off a championship run that seemed destined to one day arrive. Murmurs of their dominance stretch as far back as 2018 when they had just been promoted up from the Challenger circuit in Korea — back then they were merely a scrim opponent for the other teams, and back then, when they were crushing Worlds-caliber teams, maybe they already saw this future coming to fruition.

Damwon put themselves on the brink of restoring the LCK to the top of the League of Legends world and officially etching their names into history. The last game saw no trickery of sorts from either team to open the game, which would lead to Damwon once again flexing the early game prowess that had helped them dominate the competition throughout the tournament. Early advantages especially in bot and top helped them once again snowball an early objective once again. This proved to be the main difference in this series — Damwon’s early game strength and control was just too much for Suning to handle and never let them get to the mid and late stages of the game where they could truly challenge DWG.

Unlike the previous games, though, Suning was unable to claw their way back into the game in any shape or form. DWG flipped the switch and steamrolled their way to the Suning Nexus in a dominant closeout game to declare to the world that they are, without a doubt, the best team in the world. In a year that saw all of the favorites advance to the knockout stage, it was Damwon who stood above them all. This was a team that was pegged by many analysts to be the favorite going into Worlds, and they delivered with a proactive style that the LCK had been chasing for years.

This is the LCK’s 6th overall championship and their first since 2017 — the past few years were rife with disappointment, and for this young roster to now rise from those ashes is a testament to the change that the LCK did their best to enact. Suning carried the mantle of the LPL well by showing off their resilience and ability to fight, and their growth throughout not just this tournament but the year as a whole is unparalleled. Should they retain their learnings from the past month, then this team too will be one to fear going into 2021.

This long and strange year is now over for all League of Legends pros. Every team but onc has been eliminated, and every player has just watched someone else realize their dreams. Damwon has done what thousands of pros and aspiring pros will only ever dream of — this is something that may not sink in for them for a long time to come, but they just completed a run where they did not taste defeat. And with the Summoner’s Cup, they never will — at least not this specific moment, not right now. LOL Esports

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