Tue. May 11th, 2021
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Senator Christopher “Bong” Go welcomed the positive outcome of the government’s campaign against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption as the country landed in the list of Top 50 nations with good peace and order.

Washington-based analytics and advisory firm Gallup released its 2020 Global Law and Order report where the Philippines was included in the list of 50 countries with good peace and order with a score of 84/100. The country’s score is similar to that of Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Serbia.

“This is a testament to our continuing campaign against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption in the Philippines. This is what our President wants for us, that we will have a peaceful and orderly society that will benefit all of us,” Go said in Filipino.

Gallup’s report is based on the people’s sense of personal security and experiences with crime and law enforcement in the country. According to the news reports, those who were surveyed provided positive responses on the law enforcement agencies in the Philippines. They also gave positive feedback that law enforcement authorities are doing their work.

For Go, this is a resounding vote of confidence for the Duterte Administration. With only a little less than two years left until President Rodrigo Duterte steps down in 2022, Go reiterated that the President continues to fulfill his promise to bring a “comfortable life” to all Filipinos.

The Senator, however, reminded the government not to be complacent despite the high ratings. He urged that the campaign against corruption, illegal drugs and criminality must be intensified.

Previously, Go assured the police force that both he and President Rodrigo Duterte will always protect them in the performance of their official duty as long as they do it in accordance with the law.

Through his filed Senate Bill (SB) No. 393, free legal assistance will be provided to any officer or enlisted personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police who is facing charges before the prosecutor’s office, court, administrative or any competent body.

In addition to this, Go also filed SB 2017 that seeks to reinstate the punishment of death through lethal injection on heinous crimes involving illegal drugs and plunder.

Go explained that with the continuing campaign of the administration against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption, “more Filipinos feel safer walking in the streets and can now focus on their jobs without worrying about their safety, more of their kids are going to school, and more communities are declared as drug-free.” SOVEREIGNPH

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