Tue. May 11th, 2021
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Officials in Georgia said an audit of the presidential election was on track to be completed by Wednesday, as President Donald Trump sought new challenges in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s voting systems implementation manager, said the state had about 300,000 ballots left to count by hand as of Wednesday, saying the state was on a “good schedule right now” to complete the audit and certify the election results by Friday.

Sterling added that most of the counties in the state had reported results that were “spot dead on” to their initial counts, reporting only minor discrepancies.

President-elect Joe Biden holds a lead of about 13,000 votes in the state, which launched a recount as the margin between the two candidates was smaller than 0.5 percent.

Floyd County’s election board will rescan all early votes and provisional votes after 2,600 ballots that were not scanned when the county tallied its early vote were found in the recount.

Sterling said the updated results will grant Trump a net pickup of 778 votes.

Trump lost one vote and Biden lost seven after the audit in Effingham County and there was a one-vote discrepancy in Oglethorpe County but officials did not provide details.

Biden gained a write-in vote for “Biden Harris” in Coweta County, while a Biden vote in Catoosa County was reclassified a Trump vote.

In Wisconsin, Trump paid the state $3 million and filed a petition for a recount of ballots in Dane and Milwaukee counties, both of which voted overwhelmingly for Biden.

“We will not stop fighting for transparency and integrity in our electoral process to ensure that all Americans can trust the results of a free and fair election in Wisconsin and across the country,” said Jim Troupis, a former Dane County circuit judge who is representing the campaign in the recount effort.

Biden won the state by 20,608 votes but Trump’s campaign says its observers at Milwaukee’s central counting facility were required to stand 30 feet to 35 feet away from the area where ballots were being counted, asserting that observers will find mistakes and fraud if allowed to observe from a closer distance.

In its request, the Trump campaign sought to void absentee ballots where clerks filled in the addresses of witnesses as well as ballots from voters who declared themselves indefinitely confined — allowing them to receive an absentee ballot without providing a copy of an ID — even if they did not meet that definition.

Additionally, the request seeks to throw out votes of those the campaign said did not submit a written application for an absentee ballot, including voters who participated in early in-person voting, although election officials said those who vote early place their ballot in an envelope and sign a statement identified as an “absentee ballot application/certificate.”

“The official canvass results reaffirmed Joe Biden’s clear and resounding win in Wisconsin after Wisconsin voters turned out to cast their ballots in record numbers. A cherry-picked and selective recounting of Milwaukee and Dane County will not change these results,” Biden spokesman Nate Evans said.

Trump’s campaign also filed an amended complaint in Pennsylvania seeking to block the state’s efforts to verify its election results. The campaign said the state violated its federal due process rights and undermined legal protections. Wednesday’s filing comes a day after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled officials in Philadelphia did not prevent observers from overseeing the counting of ballots. SOVEREIGNPH WITH UPI

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