Fri. May 14th, 2021

The Department of Agriculture (DA) issued a new set of suggested retail prices (SRP) for basic agricultural commodities sold in Metro Manila’s wet markets, excluding supermarkets, as changing cost structures in the supply chain require updating to allow retailers to realize a reasonable profit while ensuring that consumers are protected from profiteering.

The updated SRP — contained in DA Administrative Circular (AC) No. 17, signed by Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar on November 26, 2020 — serves to guide retailers and consumers amid the Luzon-wide price freeze imposed in light of the pandemic and the series of calamities that have devastated the country.

The new set of SRP covers seven categories: rice, livestock and poultry, fish, lowland and highland vegetables, fruits, spices, and other basic items. Their respective prices per kilogram (kg) are:

RICE: Local: special, P50; premium, P45; and well-milled, P40;
Imported: special, P52; premium, P45; and well-milled, P36.


Beef rump, P380; brisket, P300; Pork pigue/kasim, P260; liempo, P290;
whole chicken, P140; and chicken egg (medium), P6.50/piece.

Milkfish (bangus), P160; tilapia, P120; roundscad (galunggong) imported, P140; and alumahan, P250.

Ampalaya, P120; sitaw, P100; pechay (native), P80; squash, P30; eggplant, P100; and tomato, P100.

Cabbage (scorpio), P70; carrots, P80; habitchuelas (Baguio beans), P130
white potato, P70; pechay (Baguio), P80; and chayote, P40.

Calamansi, P50; banana: lakatan, P90; latundan, P70;
papaya, P60; and mango (carabao), P150.

Red onion local, P160; imported, P120; white onion (imported), P100;
garlic, P90; and ginger, P160.

Sugar – refined, P50; washed, P45; brown, P45;
cooking oil (palm) – 350 ml, P25; and 1 liter, P50.

Consumers who find SRP violators are encouraged to report to the DA — at (02) 8920-0925 and — so appropriate corrective measures could be taken. SOVEREIGNPH

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