Wed. May 19th, 2021

The 54-year old Mike Tyson stepped once again stepped onto a spotlight on Saturday and weighed in at 220 pounds, ripping off his shirt to reveal a muscled torso that could belong to an athlete of half his age.

His opponent on Sunday at Los Angeles is multi-titled champion Roy Jones Jr., once the most talented fighter in the world. Jones’ 210-pound frame was slightly less toned, but still clearly in better condition than most of his fellow 51-year-olds.

These two boxing greats are older and calmer now, but they’re returning to the ring on Sunday night intending to recapture a moment of their brilliant past, and have worked very hard to make sure they won’t be embarrassed in the boxing exhibition.

“This is the fun part,” said Tyson, who will fight for the first time in 15 years. “Everything else to get here was hell.”

Their fight at Staples Center in Los Angeles is an eight-round sparring session of sorts. It will have two-minute rounds, no official judging and limited violence. But it looks like both intend to let their hands go.

“Maybe I don’t know how to go easy,” Tyson said.

Jones fought regularly throughout the 2010s, but thought he was finally retired two years ago.“It’s been the craziest thing you ever could have imagined,” Jones said. “I can’t believe I’m able to maintain my speed at 51 years old. I’m still faster than 95 percent of the boxing world, and it shocks me. SOVEREIGNPH

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