Wed. May 19th, 2021
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The Island of Boracay remains free from the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) since the pandemic struck the Philippines in March of this year.

According to Compliance Association of Boracay (CAB) Vice Chairman Virgilio Sacdalan during the third episode of the Dagyaw Virtual Town Meeting  held on Thursday, Boracay has retained its Covid-19-free status because of the strict implementation of health protocols in the island.

The CAB, which is actively engaging and assisting the government in fighting the pandemic, witnessed that protocols at the ports, in transportations, hotels, as well as in restaurants and stores, are strictly implemented and observed.

“Protocols are working. At 100 percent, they are working,” Sacdalan said, highlighting the use of QR code by the tourists upon entry to the island and hotels, contactless check-ins and outs, wearing of masks and shields, and the minimal contacts between guests and workers of establishments.

Even in going to the beach, registration should be done for the purpose of contact tracing, he said.

Sacdalan encouraged everyone to freely come to Boracay as he ensured their safety from the virus with the protocols being imposed in the island.

“We are guarding our borders and rest assured Boracay is like from 30 years ago,” he added.

While a recent party in Boracay where health protocols were not observed was ordered probed by the Department of Tourism, a Covid-19 case is yet to be reported from the incident. SOVEREIGNPH

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