Mon. Apr 12th, 2021
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The United States’ finally got its first titleholder or winner in the Miss Earth beauty pageant in Lindsey Coffey, also the first virtual winner of the pageant.

Coffey from Pennsylvania became very emotional when it was announced that she won after the two-hour telecast on Sunday morning.

What helped her clinch the win was her winning answer in the final question and answer regarding conspiracy theories and fake news.

She answered: “It is very difficult and hard to decipher what to believe and what not to believe. But this is why it is crucial to really look into your sources, try to find reputable sources that you can actually trust. It’s very important during this time to focus on that because now more than ever, we need to respect science.”

“We need to respect the solid evidence that’s brought before us. That’s why it is very critical to really follow up on your research and talk to one another and don’t really focus on the first thing that you hear,” she added.

Besides Coffey, Miss Earth representatives form Puerto Rico, Poland, the Philippines, Venezuela, Netherlands, Myanmar and Denmark emerged as the top 8 finalists and were asked the same question.

The 28-year old Coffey is an athlete and climate and mental health advocate. SOVEREIGNPH

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