Thu. May 13th, 2021

Slain Los Baños Mayor Caesar Perez received death threats after his name was included in the Duterte administration’s “narcolist,” a municipal official said on Friday.

According to Municipal Administrator Robert Laviña, Perez was accused of having links with the drug trade but the latter shrugged off such accusations, believing he had nothing to prove.

“As far as I know, based on the messages on his cellphone that he showed to me in confidence, he started getting daily death threats after his name was included in the list,” Los Baños Municipal Administrator Robert Laviña told reporters in a mix of Filipino and English.

Laviña , however, said Perez dismissed the threats and did not mind improving on his security.

“He himself said that there is no reason for him to be afraid and have strict security,” he said.

Earlier, Laguna Governor Ramil Hernandez said there is still no evidence linking Perez to the illegal drug trade.

Hernandez even said that Perez had sought his help regarding the slain mayor’s inclusion in Duterte’s list of officials allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade.

“He was not comfortable with his status and as governor, Perez approached me asking for help. I told him to wait for the normal process for his name to be removed from the list),” Hernandez said in a television interview in Filipino.Perez was shot on Thursday night at the Los Baños municipal hall and died at the hospital where he was treated. SOVEREIGNPH

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