Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

By Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr.

Dear Editor,

I’m writing in response to Zarate’s tirade on me which was posted in (mainstream media).

Mr. Zarate doesn’t know me at all. Who me? Aspiring for Chief of Staff?

I am NOT a careerist like those who work simply to work their way up. I work and talk because it’s my sworn duty to country and people, and I don’t give a damn if I’m politically correct or not, coz I’m a soldier. I’m not a politician who talks of one thing and does another. Check my record honorable Zarate, from Lieutenant days until now.

If I’m so concerned with my career maybe I should be talking less and just be working on my promotions quietly.

I shouldn’t be going against the grain by NOT apprehending contraband goods in Maguindanao, which I know to be a “business” of our corrupt commanders then. That act caused the relief of 2 Generals in Central Mindanao.

I shouldn’t be reporting the illegal activities of my immediate commander in Zamboanga, which caused his relief. This was when I was a young LT and I was a member of RAM-SFP-YOU because of the reforms we desperately wanted. No junior officer would survive that if your moral fortitude is not that strong.

Fast forward. As the Army Spokesman I wouldn’t talk about the frustration of Army troops when the Morong 38 NPAs were ordered released by then Justice Sec Delima in 2011. I should have kept quiet during the Basilan carnage in 2012, rather than speak about the real sentiments of our troops and the colleagues of those beheaded by MILF rebels cum ASG, knowing that Malacanang puts primacy to peace talks over the pursuit of justice for the 19 brave soldiers who fought 450 MILF and ASG terrorists until they ran out of ammunition.

No Mr. Zarate, I’m not that kind of officer who would rather sit in silence because my career will be jeopardized. I spoke about ‘suspending ceasefire in Basilan’ and NOT ALL OUT WAR as your favorite paper reported (to destroy me) in order to pursue the savages, because that’s the right thing to do, regardless of its consequence to my career.

It caused my relief by no less than Pres Pinoy announcing it but I felt no remorse because it was part of my job to protect the Army, my organization, and my boss, the most be-medalled CGPA we ever had, and who was barely 3 weeks short of retirement. Visit me and I will show you how proud I am with my relief by displaying on my wall that banner story ” PNoy sacks Army Spokesman”.

Lying and deceit will never get you far in a noble profession like soldiery. You and your cohorts in the CPP NPA NDF terrorist group, on the other hand, have survived because of the lies and deception you peddle each day. These lies and duplicity have destroyed the lives and future of so many students whose minds you have poisoned.

Of late, many of them are from Senior High, minors, and their poor parents are crying and begging us for help to recover these kids before they are sent to the hills to join the NPAs. You have destroyed our institutions, corrupted our justice system, shoo away investments, in order to pursue your National Democratic Revolution.

But you intend to supplant this with your “proletarian dictatorship” (see CPPs Constitution and Programs May 2017, Art 7 Sec 3). That’s your classic revolutionary dual tactics: use democracy to destroy democracy. Join the church to destroy it. That’s what you did with the Rural Missionaries.

You profess to defend human rights and IP culture but look how divided Lumad families are because of your Salugpungan. Are these the things that Makabayan bloc is proud of? What about you sir? Do you have anything to be proud of?

I wouldn’t dare talk about Makabayan if it can jeopardize my confirmation from CA? I hear you if that is your threat. Officers succumbed to your intimidation for so long, because many of them wanted to be CSAFP. Not me and not this time. Your time is up.

There is a job to do and someone has to do it. We have the best chance to end insurgency now with a National Task Force led by the President himself. We will not let this chance pass so that finally we can have true peace and then development.

You are hurting with the truth hurled at you so you are getting personal.

Can’t you just take the take the challenge? Don’t leave Ibon and Karapatan behind after we clearly showed you some of the evidence we have about their being extentions of the CPP NPA NDF terrorist organization.

Magdilang anghel ka sana Mr Zarate baka magkatotoo sinabi mo mag CSAFP ako pero malabo yon.

I began with my career when insurgency was at its peak in 1987. My only dream is to see its end as I retire a few years from now. A safe future for my kids is all I aspire for. To be Chief of Staff is farthest from my mind. But I bet that’s what you fear most because when that happens you will see yourself to extinction.

(SGD) LtGen Antonio Parlade Jr

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