Wed. May 19th, 2021
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The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Tuesday welcomed President Rodrigo Duterte’s pronouncements that there will be no longer any ceasefire with the communist terrorists during his term.

Marine Maj. Gen. Edgard Arevalo, AFP spokesperson, said they are thankful to the President for heeding their recommendation not to declare a ceasefire with the Communist Party of the Philippines- New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) during the yuletide season and even beyond.

“We are thankful to the Commander-in-Chief for heeding the AFP’s recommendation not to declare ceasefire this holiday season and beyond — not because we do not want peace, but because what we advocate is a genuine and lasting peace,” he said in a press statement.

Arevalo said lasting peace cannot be achieved through a peace pact with the NPA as the communist terrorists are “notoriously insincere and unworthy of public trust.”

This refers to the NPA’s penchant for attacking military and civilian targets in the past despite agreeing to a ceasefire agreement with the government.

The AFP earlier said it is not inclined to recommend any holiday truce with the communist terrorists as they have been demonstrating insincerity in previous agreements.

“This was the AFP’s painful experience where the communist terrorist group reneged from their own ceasefire declaration by attacking and killing soldiers on humanitarian and peace and development missions,” Arevalo said. SOVEREIGNPH

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