Sun. Sep 19th, 2021
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People around the world have become more affected by stress over the past 15 years, Gallup said in a survey on Monday.

According to the World Stress Index conducted by Gallup and the Lighthouse Group, an average of 35 percent of respondents worldwide, when asked, said they’d experienced “a lot” of stress during the previous day – a 6-point increase over 2006.

The index documents the perception of stress in more than 140 countries. The most recent results were taken last year, before the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Based on these data, we know that stress is a pervasive, growing problem across much of the world,” Gallup wrote. “We also know that it doesn’t have any boundaries.”

“Half of the people in Iraq and Ghana – and the United States – were stressed last year. Improving awareness and understanding about stress globally is an important step in promoting wellness and improving people’s well-being,” it added.

According to the index, stress has crossed economic boundaries, as well. It said people living in G20 nations reported high levels of stress. For example, 36 percent of those in Australia, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia and South Africa reported high levels that exceeded the global average.Several other countries also reported high-stress averages greater than the international average, including Switzerland (37 percent), New Zealand (37 percent), South Korea (37 percent) and Japan (38 percent). The stress level in Switzerland was 9-percent higher than in 2018, the largest one-year increase of any country. SOVEREIGNPH

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