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The National Capital Region Police Office launches today (June 29, 2018) the Team-NCRPO official hotlines: 0915-888-8181 for globe and 0999-901-8181 for smart. These hotlines aim to provide immediate and appropriate police response, strenghten public engagement and information and intelligence fusion, and to further intensify the Internal Cleansing Program of the NCRPO. These are manned by trained and competent personnel and police officers. Photo from NCRPO

National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Chief Police Brigadier General Vicente Danao, Jr. on Thursday assured people who give them reports on abusive police personnel that they will remain anonymous.

The NCRPO is encouraging the public to report abusive police using their hotlines and social media accounts.

“I encourage everyone to help us out in resolving crimes and preventing unlawful activities to restore and maintain peace and order in our community. Do not hesitate to report to us the information and we guarantee that your concern shall be immediately addressed,” Danao said.

The NCRPO has enhanced its 24-hour complaint hotline numbers and social media accounts. Complaints may be sent through their 24-hour hotline via Globe: 0915-888-81-81, SMART: 0999-901-81-81, and through NCRPO’s social media accounts.

“These are going to be their direct hotlines in airing out their issues and concerns. I also welcome reports involving personnel within our ranks who continuously defy orders, laws, rules and regulations,” Danao added.

According to NCRPO, the complaint hotline shall be dedicated mainly to address issues and concerns sent by complainants who may opt to reveal their identity or not.

The hotline aims to establish a proactive mode of initiating complaints and sending sensitive information to the police. Further, it guarantees the protection of the identity of the informant thereby easing out their fear for their safety.

The NCRPO chief also guaranteed that the messages sent to the hotline shall be duly acted upon and investigated. SOVEREIGNPH

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