Wed. May 19th, 2021
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The Texas lawsuit asking the US Supreme Court to invalidate Joe Biden’s presidential victory in the state has 106 members of Congress and multiple state attorney generals signing into the case, proving that President Donald Trump still has political clout.

The case demands that the high court invalidate the states’ 62 total Electoral College votes. That’s an unprecedented remedy in American history: setting aside the votes of tens of millions of people.

The last-gasp bid to question the results of the November 3 election is demonstrating President Donald Trump’s enduring political power even if many see his term coming to an end. And even though most of the signatories are far-right conservatives who come from deep red districts, the filing meant that roughly one-quarter of the US House believes the Supreme Court should set aside election results in Texas.

Seventeen Republican attorney generals are also backing the unprecedented case that Trump is calling “the big one.”

And in their filing on Thursday, the Congressional Republicans claimed “unconstitutional irregularities” have “cast doubt” on the 2020 outcome and “the integrity of the American system of elections.” SOVEREIGNPH

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