Fri. May 14th, 2021
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The various services and apps of Google ran into glitches or were totally unavailable in various parts of the world on Monday evening, including in the Philippines. This sparked the  #GoogleDown to to trend on Twitter, with Google showing up as a world trending topic.

Based on various social media posts, Gmail, YouTube and the various apps and services in Google’s suite of products, were either not loading, have become unresponsive , or showing error messages.

Gmail has about 1.5 billion registered users worldwide, and more for YouTube.

“Gmail, Google and YouTube down: Services crash for users worldwide” said an article posted in the website of British tabloid mirror (

“Meanwhile, if you try to search using Google’s Search Engine, you’ll find a 400 error message, reading: ‘The server cannot process the request because it is malformed. It should not be retried’,” the article stated.

“Google Down – YouTube, Gmail, Google documents and many other Google services have gone down this lunchtime, Google web browser remains online but Google accounts are not working,” said a post at the Facebook page of Ayrshire Daily based in the United Kingdom.

More posts in the Facebook page for #GoogleDown reported the same incidents.

Google has yet to make a comment on the issue. SOVEREIGNPH

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