Wed. May 19th, 2021
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Iconic boxer and Senator Manny Pacquiao could fight twice next year, which could earn him tens of millions of dollars and boost his popularity. That, in turn, can boost his political ambitions for 2022.

‘We still have sessions in March so there’s no way I am going to fight during that time,’ Pacquiao said. “I think I can do two [fights] next year,” he told a national daily.

Pacquiao’s last fight was a decision win over Keith Thurman in July 2019, where the Filipino easily earned $10 million or about P500 million.

One of the possible opponents of Pacquiao is Terrence Crawford, who has called out the Filipino several times for a possible title fight. Pacquiao is the World Boxing Association (WBA) welterweight champion while Crawford is the World Boxing Organization title holder.

“I already said who I want [next],” Crawford said in a recent interview. “I want Pacquiao. I want to revisit that fight. That was a fight that should’ve happened right now. But being that the pandemic happened, and they weren’t going to allow fans in the Middle East, they had to put a hold to that.”

Also, a fight against former mixed martial arts champion Conor Mcgregor can still be revived.

Boxing pundits see Pacquiao earning at least $10 million from each fight.

Also, Pacquiao’s fight against Crawford or McGregor can equal the 500,000 pay-per-views of the Filipino’s fight against Thurman.

It is also no secret that Pacquiao has higher political ambitions for 2022, and his being appointed recently as the president of President Rodrigo Duterte’s PDP-Laban is one big step for that. SOVEREIGNPH

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