Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
Crowd gathered on street to see Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev in Des Moines, Iowa shows man holds sign reading “The only good communist is a dead communist”. Photo by Thomas J. O’Halloran, 23 September 1959. 
Courtesy of Library of Congress

I am at wits end here why everytime there is a high-profile CPP-NPA-NDF terrorist killed, the Communist Party of the Philippines claims he was executed, murdered, remains desecrated and worse martyred?

For instance a few weeks ago, Eufemia Cullamat of Bayan Muna questioned what she claimed as the military using her daughter’s remains as a trophy, while at the same time she extolled her as a martyr for her dying for a cause she believed in.

Now Alvin Luque, a former student of Ateneo de Davao who rose from the ranks of a student leader to activist in a front organization to underground to the top brass of the New Peoples Army has also been killed, or “murdered” if the CPP is to be believed.

Luque used to be a popular activist and a professor in Davao City who disappeared after he was subjected to threats and charged with crimes which he said were all trumped up.

Kodao, yet another red multimedia front, romanticizes this terrorist “A fugitive since 2007, he once wrote, ‘I have chosen not to submit myself to the processes of the law under the present reactionary government in the interest primarily of self-preservation, and to be effective still in contributing to the people’s struggle for national liberation and democracy.’ ”

But he quickly rose to the ranks of NPA and was regularly seen in the company of Jorge “Ka Oris” Madlos who now leads the NPA’s National Operations Command.

Luque made his last public appearance at the Paquibato District of Davao City in 2016 for the anniversary of CPP during which he hosted senior government officials, including members of President Rodrigo Duterte’s cabinet.

Aka Joaquin Jacinto, the popular National Democratic Front-Mindanao spokesperson in Mindanao has a P6-million bounty on his head and is facing criminal charges of two counts of murder, kidnapping, and serious illegal detention.

Luque succumbed in a shootout with police and Army personnel who tried to serve five warrants against him at the Hermenias Resort in Tandag City.

The CPP version said Luque’s killing was an “assassination” because the 51-year old rebel, has not fully recovered from paralysis. “Ka Joaquin was unarmed and was convalescing,” said the CPP statement emailed to Inquirer.

The CPP statement said Luque had been pulled out of the main office of NDFP Mindanao for medical checkup and “recuperate from partial paralysis.” It said he was “physically debilitated” a few months ago and could not walk “after he underwent physical struggles amid heavy enemy operations and counter-guerrilla manuevers.”

Wait a minute, common sense tells me that when one is convalescing or recovering from some illness, in this case as serious paralyzing bullet wounds, the best place to seek refuge is not anywhere else but the nearest hospital.

The military report however indicated that while the arresting team was serving the warrants, Luque and his companion “opened fire towards the arresting forces, which prompted the arresting officers to take cover and return fire.”

The military, in a statement, said the arresting team found on Luque a handgun, a grenade, 500 rounds of AK47 bullets, blasting cap, trigger mechanism and other items.

May warrant ba? Sumuko ba? Nagkaputukan ba?

So finally, the long arm of the law caught up with him. Nanlaban, napatay.

Cullamat, a “pathological” liar

The third Senate inquiry last December 1 into red-tagging was converted by the Kamatayan bloc (Makabayan Bloc in Congress) into a propaganda platform, capitalizing on the death of her NPA daughter Jevylin Cullamat, the youngest daughter of Rep. Eufemia Cullamat of the Bayan Muna party-list.

Ironically, all the allegations of Rep. Cullamat against the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) were debunked by her two other children.

In a recorded interview, her son Jesryn Cullamat narrated in detail how the Army took pains to wrap the cadaver of Jevylin and walk more than five hours to bring the body to her family — in a better condition than when she was found abandoned by her comrades. He confirmed that the Special Forces soldiers treated her with respect and with dignity.

Jickson, her other son, gave an interview enumerating the many forms of assistance that the Army had brought to their once neglected community.

They were of course happy about the projects, contrary to what Representative Cullamat claimed was the misery brought by government troops to the Indigenous People’s (IP) communities.

Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade was perplexed, “How can a grieving mother cry and at the same time lie about the above circumstances?”

But he answered his own question, “I guess that’s the definition of ‘pathological liar’. As a father, I commiserate with her on her loss, but as a fellow government official, I’m not sure she deserves my sympathy for the tragic death of her daughter.”

What the fruit is to the tree

Parlade makes another point, “This is what we have been saying all along, that a santol fruit doesn’t fall too far from the santol tree.”

The Southern Command chief and ELCAC spox said the case is true, too, for the daughter of Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Central Committee member Randall “Ka Randy” Echanis (who was recently killed in what appeared to be a rub

Ka Randy Echannis, accompanied by his wife Ka Linda Lacaba, and their daughter Amanda Socorro, when he was imprisoned for the second time.
Because Amanda Lacaba Echannis had just given birth a month ago, an ambulance was called and she and her child were handled by medical workers.

out internal to the insurgency). His daughter Amanda Lacaba Echannis (by wife Linda of the famed consistently revolutionary Lacaba family of Pateros) is reportedly the finance secretary of the Cagayan Revolutionary Party Committee.

Amanda was arrested in Barangay Carupian Baggao, in Cagayan in connection with the enforcement of a search warrant the house of Anakpawis Cagayan Valley Chairman Isabelo “Buteng” Adviento by the PNP-CIDG (Criminal Investigation Detection Group) that netted firearms, ammunition and explosives. Sadly she had a one-month old newborn son, in tow.

This time the Anakpawis version says the arrest was “illegal” because the “evidence was planted.”

May warrant ba? Mabuti na lang hindi nagkaputukan at walang nasawi dahil may sanggol na kasama.

The late rebel spokesperson Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal also contributed two of his children to this armed rebellion.

Her daughter Andrea Rosal, was not that lucky. She was killed in Palawan last September.

Andrea’s story was a tearjerker. In 2014, she was eight-months pregnant when she was arrested in a house in Barangay 169 in Caloocan City, Rosal was with her security escort identified only as Che, and barangay chairman Ruben Gatchalian, the alleged owner the house where Rosal’s group was staying.

Rosal, who allegedly uses the aliases “Naiya” and “Liam,” was arrested by the combined forces of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) and the National Bureau of Investigation Anti-Organized Crime Division (NBI-AOCD) on the strength of warrants of arrest issued in Mauban, Quezon, for cases of kidnapping and murder. The military said Rosal was also implicated in an attempted homicide case filed in Luisiana-Cavinti court in Laguna.

Rosal’s baby Diona was born. But she eventually died at the Philippine General Hospital due to complications arising from persistent pulmonary hypertension, neonatal pneumonia, and oxygen deficiency in the blood.

To the other Kamatayan bloc members, Parlade posed this question:

“Don’t you feel any guilt at all that while Representative Cullamat has sacrificed her siblings and daughter to the cause of armed struggle, none of that has been done by you, Representatives Zarate, de Castro and Gaite? The same question goes for Bayan Muna officials Teddy Casiño and Antonio Tinio of ACT. I hope this will be a realization, painful as it is, for Representative Cullamat to demand from her comrades, equal sacrifice of their sons and daughters to the armed rebellion.”

Some of the children of these other Kamatayan bloc officials are spread all over the world, enjoying the same perks of bourgeois cosmopolitan living as that indulged in by ranking CPP officials, or in some exclusive schools in Metro Manila rather than studying at Alternative Learning Center for Agricultural Development (Alcadev), Tribal Indigenous Filipinos Philippines in Surigao del Sur (Trifpss), or the Salugpungan schools, all of the CPP/NPA.

Family tree

Parlade, who is the spokeman of the National Task Force to End Local Communict Armed Conflict, returns to the Cullamat family tree:

“Jevilyn, a student of Trifpss and Alcadev, is a shining proof of how IP children are being radicalized in those institutions for eventual membership in the CPP and the NPA. After a while of integration with the NPA, Jevilyn returned in 2018-2019 to teach at Alcadev and Trifpss, confirming the direct link of these schools with the NPA.

“Cullamat’s husband, Eddie, was also in the underground until his arrest in the Visayas for alleged murder and illegal possession of explosives.

“Eufemia’s sister Chary Campos Cullamat is a member of Malahutayong Pakigbisog Alang sa Sumusunod (Mapasu) and Kahugpungan sa Lumadnong Organisasyon (Kasalo), which are both front organizations of the CPP.

“Another sibling is Pablito Sinzo Campos Jr @Batik, the secretary of Guerrilla Front 21, Northeastern Mindanao Revolutionary Committee (NEMRC), was captured on Feb. 23, 2018.

“Another sister, Gloria Campos Tumalon, was also a leader of Mapasu and was arrested early this year on kidnapping and serious illegal detention charges.”

Massive demoralization

The arrest or killing of high-value terrorists has been largely due to the proficiency of the police and the military intelligence gathering, sending demoralization down the spines of the cadres under their commands. 

With attrition greatly increasing against their favor,  their talking heads in urban lawfare, including the Kamatayan Bloc and their friends in the Liberal Party are waving red and yellow flags calling for peacetalks or even just a ceasefire this Christmas so they can regroup.

The intransigence of the communist terrorists are being met with equal stonewalling by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in his refusal for any more ceasefires of peacetalks until the end of his term.

The nation’s patience has run out. Barangays and towns are declaring the communist terrorists as “persona non grata”. They cannot go to the mounjtain tops because the indigenous peoples or lumads have quickened to the truth of their false promises and atrocities. They cannot stay too long in the plains because the citizens blow the whistle on the locations.

That fervent belief in sanctity of Marxism that would lead a communist to righteously put a bullet in your brain, has become real. Stickers saying “the only good commie is a dead commie” may be an edgy joke but has become most acceptable.

What is ringing in the air today is the local version of the American colonial’s warning “Join or die”, that is join the BalikLoob Program which means lay down your arms, surrender and return to normal lives.

Or be arrested or be killed.

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