Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021
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With the coming holidays, the Palace reiterated that the 60-day prize freeze in Luzon for essential goods is still in effect.

Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Harry Roque Jr. said that the 60-day price freeze on essential goods in Luzon is still in effect until January 17, 2021 following the declaration of a state of calamity due to the series of typhoons that visited the country in the past month.

“The 60-day price freeze on essential goods in Luzon after the government’s declaration of a state of calamity last November 18 is still effective until January 17, 2021. Thus, there should be no price movement of basic necessities listed by the Department of Trade and Industry during  this period,” Roque said in Filipino during a recent Palace briefing.

Roque added that among the basic necessities covered by the prize freeze include canned sardines, locally manufactured instant noodles, bottled water, bread, processed milk, coffee, laundry soap and detergents, candles, and salt.

Meanwhile, DTI released the list of the suggested retail prices (SRPs) of noche buena products, which can be accessed through  Prices of the noche buena products are based on the November 15, 2019 SRP and will be effective up to December 31, 2020.

DTI expressed its gratitude to manufacturers for allowing the implementation of the 2019 SRP on noche buena products to benefit consumers. DTI also encouraged consumers to report any violations on price increase to One-DTI (1-384) hotline or email at SOVEREIGNPH

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