Sun. May 16th, 2021

The lower house of Russian Parliament approved draft legislation on Wednesday that would allow Moscow to block US social media platforms that “discriminate” against Russian news outlets.

Two separate measures on the issue passed the State Duma on Wednesday.

The bills filed target platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which have become more aggressive in blocking content from Russian outlets that spread misinformation.

The proposals say platforms that violate the new law would be added to a blacklist of websites “involved in violations of the fundamental human rights and freedoms and the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens.”

If passed, the proposed laws would partly or fully block Russian citizens’ access to the social sites.

Lawmaker Anton Gorelkin said internet platforms that block Russian outlets could also face financial penalties.The authors of the legislation said recent actions by YouTube and Facebook to block Russian content led to the proposed laws. SOVEREIGNPH

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