Sun. May 9th, 2021

By Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade

By Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr.

I posted this December last year and Im reposting it again to explain why the AFP does not want a ceasefire during the holidays. Around this time last year, after the CPP NPA declared a holiday truce, they ambushed/landmined police elements in Iloilo and Army troops in Camarines Norte. That insincerity and treachery are patently  CPP/NPA trademarks.

As we celebrate Christmas we cannot trust the CPP NPA for another ceasefire. We will also not allow them to celebrate its 52nd anniversary – the main reason they ask for truce.

Let us remember the basic tenet of duplicity by the CPP, particularly its founder Jose Ma Sison, and its avowed members in our society, including the Rural Missionaries of the Phil and the members of the underground Christians for National Liberation (CNL).

To understand why they talk truce and yet kill our soldiers and police, especially during Christmas, we have to understand that Communism is intrinsically evil. Although Sison adopted a Maoist-focused thought, after the fall of the communists in Europe, the CPP is still a product of historical and dialectic materialism of Karl Marx.

But what is kept secret is that Marx, his father Heinrich, Lenin, and Stalin were members of the Sabbatai Zevi satanic cult. Zevi ia a kabbalist and occulist, who in 1666 declared himself the Jewish Messiah. He then turned the Torah around by declaring that all sins were now considered “holy”.

100 years later a Jacob Frank would declare himself a reincarnation of Zevi. The Sabbatean and Frankist heresies would continue until it found its way to the Soviet Union. The rest is history.

So, as we wonder why we have so many nuns, priests, and members of the clergy in the CPP, let us remember how these communists use this dual tactics of infiltrating the church to destroy the church.

If we wonder why these sisters and priests, including former priests and nuns in the CPP like Jalandoni, Fernandez, Ledesma, Navarro, were so pretentious about talking peace, while they continue to kill our children and non-combatants in cold blood, think again about how these wolves in sheep’s clothing worship Satan, consistent with their communist dogma.

Think Haran and how the UCCP pastors can allow those “fake bakwits” to suffer and die from CPP exploitation.

Let us understand their methods. We can start by reading “The Satanic Theology Behind Cultural Marxism”, Google Zevi, or go to

Merry Christmas to all peace-loving Filipinos.

To the hypocrites, especially the Kamatayan Bloc members, you can join the communists in celebrating your 52nd CPP Anniversary.

READ: On the Concept of History, Walter Benjamin 1940 – Frankfurt School: On the Concept of History by Walter Benjamin (

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