Fri. May 14th, 2021
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The Office of Consular Affairs of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is warning the public against seeking passport appointments assistance from Facebook groups and other social media chat groups, and from unknown individuals offering passport appointments services online.

“The DFA recently received reports from passport applicants who booked their passport appointment with assistance from unknown individuals online and ended up paying more than what the DFA collects for passport issuance, and receiving tampered application forms and/or incorrect instructions, such as advice to pursue their appointment at a schedule or Consular Office different from the actual appointment schedule and site,” the DFA said in a statement.

Applicants who made an appointment with a third party, and are doubtful of the authenticity of their application, can call the DFA appointment hotline at 8234 –3488 to verify their appointments. Applications that were made through a third party will be accepted for processing only after the appointment and the identity of the applicant has been verified, and processing will only be done at the Consular Office where the appointment was made.

“The public is reminded that passport appointments can be booked directly through, and applicants are strongly advised to use their own email address and mobile number to ensure that they receive the correct information on their appointment schedule and receive the application packet to be presented during the appointment,” the DFA added.

While passport appointment slots may be limited due to the reduced number of persons allowed in consular premises following social distancing protocols, applicants with urgent travel requirements, such as overseas Filipino workers, may email for accommodation in DFA Aseana, or at the nearest Consular Office by sending an appointment request by email to the concerned office directly. The full list of the DFA’s Consular Offices and their contact details may be found at SOVEREIGNPH

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