Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
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A recent survey conducted by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) showed that lack of access to food, caused either by having no income and means of transport, caused moderate to severe hunger among 62.1 percent of households surveyed.The Rapid Nutrition Assessment Survey (RNAS) on Food Security, Coping Mechanisms, and Nutrition-Related Services Availed during the Covid-19 Pandemic conducted by the DOST from November 3 to December 3, 2020 showed that the following factors caused 62.1 percent of the surveyed households to encountering problems accessing food during the community quarantine period: 22.1 percent due to having no money; 20.9 percent had no access to public transportation, and 19.5 percent due to loss of their jobs.

The survey covered 5,717 households.

Reacting to the results of the survey, Task Force Zero Hunger Chairman and Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles said: “RNAS data showed that food insecurity peaked between March and April 2020 during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), and gradually decreased as mobility restriction eased in most survey areas.”

“The data establishes the relationship between income and food insecurity; specifically, how the loss of the former can contribute to the latter,” he added.

Nograles said the survey also showed the need to reopen the economy, as this would mean more people taking jobs and having access to public transportation. SOVEREIGNPH

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