Wed. May 19th, 2021

A female police officer was arrested for firing her gun in Malabon City on New Year’s Eve, the Philippine National Police (PNP) said on Friday.

In Lanao del Norte, a 12-year old girl died after she was hit by a stray bullet early on Friday.

In a radio interview, PNP spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Ildebrandi Usana identified the suspect in Malabon as S/Sgt. Karen Borromeo, 39, who is now facing criminal and administrative charges and dismissal proceedings.

“Well, we assume that her illegal discharge of firearm is something personal to her. We didn’t even expect that she would take such an action. She is probably drunk or maybe she was lured by her colleagues in the area or maybe she just like to do something that she never thought that would catch attention and eventually prompt a concerned citizen to report it,” Usana said in a mix of English and Filipino.

Based on initial investigation, the incident happened around 7:45 p.m. on Thursday where a concerned citizen reported the incident to village officials. Police officers later responded to the report and arrested Borromeo.

In Lanao del Norte, initial reports said the 12-year old killed by a stray bullet was playing outside with her cousins when she suddenly fell to the ground.

Two other stray bullet incidents were reported in Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental, and Dagupan City. The victims are now recovering from the incidents.Usana said only 25 incidents of illegal discharge of firearms were reported this year from 41 incidents last year. SOVEREIGNPH

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