Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

Filipino rock icon Dong Abay said he will file cyber libel charges against two persons who tagged him as one of those involved in the recent siege of Capitol Hill.

After a photo of man holding a “walis tambo” inside Capitol Hill became viral, Rodel Rodis and Gemma Nemenzo said it was Abay who was the masked man, when in fact the rock icon was in Philippine shorted.

In a Facebook post, Abay said that he will pursue the charges against the two and will hire the services of a lawyer in the United States.

“This is to inform the public that I’m pursuing a cyber libel case to be administered by a US lawyer against Gemma Nemenzo and Rodel Rodis for spreading fake news,” Abay said.

Rodis, who said in his Facebook profile says that he works for a law office in San Francisco, California, tagged the musician as the masked supporter of US President Donald Trump holding the broom during the riot since Capitol Hill.

Rodis even said he got the information from a certain Gemma Nemenzo.

However, Abay’s friends said the rock icon was in the Philippines and even appeared in a gig for a local radio station, singing a rendition of “Redemption Song” by the late Bob Marley.

Abay also had some unkind words obviously for Rodis: “I don’t f*cking care if you’re an immigration lawyer or a [privileged] Filipino-American because I’m a rockstar. #boomer #boomerang.”

Abay made waves in the 1990s with the song “Banal na Aso, Santong Kabayo” being one of te greatest hits in Filipino rock and roll history. SOVEREIGNPH

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