Wed. Dec 1st, 2021
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More than 75 percent of people diagnosed with the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) have at least one symptom of the disease six months after they were infected with the virus, a study published Friday by The Lancet found.

Fatigue and muscle weakness were the most common persistent symptoms, affecting more than 60 percent of study participants, the data showed.

In addition, about one in four participants reported sleep difficulties or symptoms of anxiety or depression months after they were diagnosed with the virus, the researchers said.

“Because Covid-19 is such a new disease, we are only beginning to understand some of its long-term effects on patients’ health,” study co-author Bin Cao said in a statement.

“Our analysis indicates that most patients continue to live with at least some of the effects of the virus after leaving hospital, and highlights a need for post-discharge care, particularly for those who experience severe infections,” said Cao, a professor at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital and Capital Medical University National Center for Respiratory Medicine.

Several studies have documented long-term health implications following Covid-19 infection but new research is suggesting that these problems may affect even those who suffer less serious forms of the disease.

In one such analysis, also published Friday by the Annals of the American Thoracic Society, 62 percent of the participants felt they had not returned to full health and 47 percent had severe fatigue even 75 days after their Covid-19 diagnosis.

In addition, participants who felt they had to exert themselves during moderate exercise also reported they felt fatigued and in poor health, according to the researchers.

Less than half of the 153 patients included in this study required hospital care for their COVID-19 cases, the researchers said. SOVEREIGNPH

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