Sun. May 16th, 2021
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The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has filed a complaint for alleged graft against Ricardo Morales, former chief of the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth), and several officials and employees of the state health insurer before Office of the Ombudsman on Monday.

The graft charges stemmed from the release of P33.8 million under the interim reimbursement mechanism (IRM) funds to B. Braun Avitum Philippines Inc., a dialysis center operating nationwide.

The NBI said the IRM should only be used for fortuitous events like outbreaks or pandemics, which means dialysis centers are not supposed to receive anything from the fund.

The other PhilHealth officials included in the graft complaint are executive vice presidents Arnel De Jesus and Renato Limsiaco. Also, three officials of Braun Avitum were included in the complaint.

They respondents also face charges for allegedly misappropriating funds in violation of the National Health Insurance Act of 2013.

The NBI said PhilHealth granted funds from the IRM to Braun Avitum despite the dialysis center having a record of like filing of claims for patients not admitted or treated in the hospital.

“Track record of the aforesaid dialysis center revealed that numerous administrative cases for filing of Multiple Claims, Breach of Warranties of Accreditation, claims for non-admitted/non-treated patients and unjustified admission […] Despite these red-flags, PhilHealth approved the grant of IRM fund to B. Braun Avitum,” the NBI explained. SOVEREIGNPH

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