Thu. May 13th, 2021
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China is on high alert for another outbreak wave of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), six days after the one-year anniversary of the first fatality from the coronavirus in Wuhan that has spread to more than 2 million fatalities and 95 million cases worldwide.

Officials are urging people to stay home for the Lunar New Year, which is Feb. 12, state media reported.

On Sunday, China’s Health Commission reported 96 new infections after four days of triple digits, including 144, which was the most since 202 on March 1. In addition Thursday, the first death was announced since April 27, not including a new verification on May 17 for a total of 4,635.

Mainland China was the epicenter, specifically Wuhan, but now is ranked 45th in the world behind Panama. The first cases, which originally were described as pneumonia, were reported on Dec. 31.

In Jilin province, which borders North Korea, all but one of the 63 of the asymptomatic cases are related to a 45-year-old tutor who had been touring the region giving lectures on health, the provincial health commission said. He also has been linked to 102 cases in the province, the Jilin health commission said at a news conference on Sunday.

A Chinese province grappling with a spike in coronavirus cases is also reinstating tight restrictions on weddings, funerals and other family gatherings, threatening violators with criminal charges.

Hebei has had one of China’s most serious outbreaks in months and it comes amid measures to curb the further spread during February’s Lunar New Year holiday.

Hebei recorded another 54 cases over the previous 24 hours, the National Health Commission said on Monday, while the northern province of Jilin reported 30 cases and Heilongjiang further north reported seven.

Beijing had two new cases and most buildings and housing compounds now require proof of a negative coronavirus test for entry. SOVEREIGNPH

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