Tue. May 11th, 2021

The local company undertaking clinical tests for Sinovac Biotech’s vaccine for the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid) is confident that its CoronaVac will pass the standards of Philippine regulators.

“We are confident that the Philippine CoronaVac will pass these clinical trials and confirm the exceptional safety of Sinovac’s Covid-19 vaccines with more than satisfactory results,” IP Biotech scientific team member Dr. Noel Miranda said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Finally, with the Philippine clinical trials, we will be able to generate data that will help facilitate emergency public health decisions. The health and welfare of our families are at stake if we make misinformed and unfounded decisions during this crucial moment in history,” he added.

IP Biotech Commercial Director Carlos Garrucho added their vaccine “uses a time-tested and medically-proven approach to vaccination,” as it is an inactivated whole-virion vaccine, “which means it was produced based on a proven traditional platform used for many other vaccines that have been administered to millions of people globally, in both infants and the elderly.”

Furthermore, Garrucho said Sinovac’s vaccine can be stored using ordinary freezers to be kept fresh, or a range of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Sinovac’s Covid-19 has been under fire over reports its effectivity was about 50 percent. SOVEREIGNPH

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