Tue. May 11th, 2021

The Department of Health (DOH) on Sunday reported 7,729 new recoveries from the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), pushing the country’s overall tally to 475,612, or 92.6 percent of those who tested positive for the virus.

In its 4 p.m. case bulletin, the DOH also reported 1,949 new confirmed cases and 53 new deaths, bringing the overall tally of active cases to 27,765 and the death toll to 10,242.

The department said of the active cases, about 83.3 percent are mild, 9.1 percent are asymptomatic, 2.7 percent are severe, 0.53 percent are moderate, and 4.4 percent are in critical condition.

“There were eight duplicates that were removed from the total case count, and of these, one recovered case and one death have been removed. Moreover, two cases previously tagged as recovered were reclassified as deaths,” it added.

Davao City topped the list of places that logged the highest number of new cases with 99 infections.

It was followed by Quezon City with 98; Cavite with 74; Baguio City with 73; and Leyte with 63.

DOH data on Jan. 23 showed that 1,065 or 4.3 percent of 24,619 who were tested turned out positive for Covid-19.

“Five labs were not able to submit their data to the Covid-19 Data Repository System on January 5, 2021,” it said.

Some 27,000 beds are dedicated to patients with Covid-19. Available are 60 percent of 2,100 intensive care unit beds, 64 percent of 17,100 isolation beds, and 72 percent of 7,800 ward beds. SOVEREIGNPH

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