Sat. May 8th, 2021
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The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) reiterated on Saturday that police should still respect the dignity of the violators of health protocols.

The CHR made that statement after the parading of law enforcers in Silay, Negros Occidental of residents who breached face mask policy that was shared online.

“We continuously remind law enforcers to adhere to human rights-based policing, including respect for every person’s dignity. Parading alleged quarantine violators on the streets may amount to cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment or punishment penalised by Republic Act No. 9745 (Anti-Torture Act) and barred by Convention Against Torture signed by the Philippines,” CHR spokeswoman Jacqueline de Guia said in a statement, reacting to the Silay City incident

The CHR also said that its office in Western Visayas will conduct an investigation on Silay City police for parading alleged quarantine violators.

Guia added that enforcement for health protocols must continue but it should still be guided by “human rights principles.”

“The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) agree that we need to continuously work together to curb the transmission of the Covid-19 virus by faithfully adhering to health safety protocols set by experts,” she said.“However, as we have repeatedly stressed, addressing the current pandemic must always be guided by human rights principles. After all, the present national health crisis is a human rights issue — not a mere law enforcement agenda,” De Guia pointed out. SOVEREIGNPH

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