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Nakakahiya? Panfilo Lacson appears to be reacting to the stench the Senate of the Philippines spreads when engaging in privileged inquiries in aid of reelection.

Part Two: Diarrhea of the mouth infects gullible senators, former justices and media

Senator Panfilo Lacson began the row that Francis Pangilinan exacerbated pertaining to Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr.’s statements exposing Philippines Daily Inquirer’s amateurish reportage.

If Pangilinan ought to be booted out of the Senate come 2022 elections, Lacson must be gagged for good.  The Senate, is the upper house of Congress because it once stood as the maturing assembly for Philippine statesmanship. Now it has become a  den of hot airs and a pigsty for presumption of intelligence.  

As we said in our first part of this discourse, the conundrum began when a certain Jasper Gurung were arrested by the military and reported by one Tetch Torres Tupas to have been “mauled, placed inside a sack and hung upside down, suffocated with a plastic bag and cigarette smoke, and forced to eat his own feces to make him admit that he is a member of the New People’s Army.”

Gurung was arrested with one Junior Ramos. They were both Aetas, or indigenous people.

Ms. Torres-Tupas quoted Atty. Edre Olalia, president of the National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL), counsel for the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) which filed a petition against the new anti-terror law before the Supreme Court.

In response, Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr. responded in his personal Facebook account, saying: “Congratulations for a sloppy work, Tetch Torres Tupas (sic) of You did not even bother take the side of the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) or the government, if what you are reporting is true or Fake. Propagandista. No such thing happened.”

Replying to a comment of blogger John Paolo Nartatez “Sir, hindi po ba ninyo puedeng sampahan sila ng kaso?” (Is it possible for you to file a case against them?), Parlade said “Pwede” (Yes, it’s possible.)

Judge for yourself the propriety of this exchange.

Pangilinan twitted: “Enough of this unprofessionalism and lack of discipline with such baseless, erroneous public statements. Like AFP Intel Chief Luna, Lorenzana should show Parlade the door.”

Pray tell me, Mr. Senator, what is unprofessional and where is any lack of discipline about Parlade’s response?

Senator Lacson earlier called Parlade’s comments against Panfilo Torres-Tupas as careless and unnecessary, as he said he believes such actions would affect how people and the court perceives the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Again, why would Parlade’s move to put Tupas’ report in its proper place, careless. Is it not necessary that her lie is exposed? Is it careless to illustrate how a prevarication is being used here to show cause against the ATL?

Well if the Philippines Daily Inquirer does not verify the veracity or falsity of  the Torres-Tupas report, we at do.

What is the result of our fact-checking?

First, intelligence operatives of the 7th Infantry Division monitored that communist terrorists in the area were planning to disarm military personnel targeting the Aglao CAA Patrol Base. As a result, the Joint Task Force Kaugnay through JTG Agila launched last August 21, 2020 a legitimate military operation against known NPA lair at Barangay Buhawen, San Marcelino, Zambales. One Army personnel was killed in that armed engagement.

While conducting blocking operations, members of the 48th Infantry Battalion intercepted and captured nine suspects who were seen escaping from the encounter site with various subversive items recovered from their possession.

It turned out the nine were indigenous peoples, three male and six female Aetas, but only four of them were duly identified as communist terrorists by the action agent.

Nevertheless, all were brought to the hospital for medical check-up and the attending doctor issued a medical certificate evidencing that all the nine captured suspects were healthy.

Nobody was physically abused.

The local representatives of the National Commission of Indigenous Peoples of San Marcelino, Zambales issued a confirmation that the military were in that area to exercise their mandate to drive away communist terrorist groups and that all acts of the military in the said encounter were legal and permissible, which in fact gave confidence and sense of security to our IPs.

It is therefore obvious that Olalia’s statements, which Torres-Tupas took hook, line and sinker, were all mere reflections of communist trolls loosely asserting in social media that the military “planted firearms, and explosives” on the suspects, “falsely accused Gurung and Ramos of being members of the New People’s Army (NPA)” and that some of them “were tortured, fed with human feces…”

Despite the absurdity of the Facebook postings by the College Editors Guild of the Philippines, Umahon para sa Repormang Agraryo, and the League of Filipino Students, the 7th Infantry Division launched ground investigations to check on the validity of the accusations.

Field reports confirmed them to be lies. In fact, the Aeta chieftain of Sitio Lumibao, Barangay Buhawen dismissed the social media allegations to be ludicruous.

Senator Lacson and Pangilinan stood on sandy foundation here with only the mere say-so of Atty. Olalia and Torres-Tupas quotation of him to back them up.  

So who is careless and unprofessional? These so-called “kagalang-galang” have again made a mockery of the upper house of Congress. Mr. Pangilinan, you are the one who is supposed to be shown the door, and Mr. Lacson, you ought to be gagged for good.

In fact, contrary to Lacson’s prognostication, Parlade’s action would positively affect how people and the court perceives the Anti-Terrorism Act, because now through it, we can filter the facts from the lies, and not rely on mainstream media and senators to give us their word feigned to be gospel truth.

Blogger’s blast

Please don’t take my word for it. Take is from this Facebook post by Ariel Cabanit, a resident of Valenzuela City who studied at the Far Eastern University, who was fuming mad at the bungling Senate duo.

“Senators Pangilinan and Lacson, both reelectionists come 2022 just made a big blunder. They think the communist and leftist can deliver them votes by scolding one of the most admired soldier and leader in this country, Lt. Gen. Parlade.

“Kiko and Ping had the illusions that the Armed Forces of the Philippines is under the control of the Senate. These traitors choose to side with the known communist terrorists rather our government forces.

“Lt. Gen. Parlade is a highly decorated soldier in his own right. A man of integrity whose loyalty, bravery and dedication to serve his country is unquestionable. This man have layed down his life and career many times before in the pursuit of justice and good morals.

“That’s why he enjoys the trust of Duterte. That’s also the very reason why millions of Filipinos are supporting him for his extra-ordinary passion to end local armed conflict once and for all.

“On the other hand, Lacson and Pangilinan are both corrupt and overstaying politicians. These men are among dirtiest politicians whose loyalty belongs to the highest bidder.

“Ping Lacson still have illusions of becoming  President one day. Kiko Pangilinan married a fat Mega Star and lick communists’ asses just to become a senator. Both have Zero integrity in the eyes of the Filipino people. Both have questionable bravery in real life.

“Gen. Parlade is among the reasons why the Filipino people now trust our Armed Forces. He is professional, dedicated and with integrity.

“Ping and Kiko on the other hand are among the main reasons why the Senate no longer enjoys the respect of the people. They are trapos (traditional politicians) who have no loyalty to the country and not an ounce of integrity in their bodies. They have thick faces too, thicker than a tank’s armor.”

This is the problem with today’s journalism industry. Everybody hides behind just quoting sources. Nobody verifies facts anymore.

Even Manila Times columnist Ramon Tulfo was misled asserting “Tupas, who covers the justice and court beat, just quoted Gurung and Ramos in their petition before the high tribunal, protesting the passage of the Anti-Terror Law.”

If Torres-Tupas did not bother fact check Olalia garbage thrown at the Supreme Court, Tulfo also did not verify Pangilinan and Lacson’s feasting on a non-existent threat, continuing with, “Parlade’s latest boo-boo was threatening to charge a journalist with the newly enacted Anti-Terror Law for writing an article, based on a petition against the controversial law in the Supreme Court.”

Trixie Cruz-Angeles of Karambola (DWIZ) issued a correction to the erratum club – “It is also NOT true that General Parlade threatened the reporter. He only answered a question from a netizen who asked if the reporter can be sued. He answered, ‘For aiding the terrorists by spreading lies? PWEDE’.

“In short his answer is that it is possible. He didn’t even say he was going to do it. Yet if you read the media reports it is all about his “threats” or that he ‘threatened’.

But what came as the most ominous of it all was when former Associate Justices Antonio Carpio and Conchita Carpio-Morales dipped their sore thumbs into the issue, as petitioners against the anti-terror law.

The two Carpios are talking heads of the Stratbase Albert del Rosario Institute, the Philippine front of the Washington DC-based Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Put all these clowns in one safehouse and it is the Oust-Duterte movement all over again. When are we going to stop tolerating the politicization of our national security?


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  1. Now it is clear who among our servants were loyal and who were the pundits. I may suggest to other sensible public servant to pass a law that authorized people in a majority vote or petition to “recall any government Official” and strip them off with their political privilege and marked them so as to prevent them from holding any government position thereby. This way we the people will empowered to eliminate these “skalawags” from our system of governance..

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