Tue. Dec 7th, 2021
(Photo Courtesy: http://www.pna.gov.ph)

The Philippines tallied another record high on Monday for daily coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) cases for this year, or 5,404, according to the Department of Healthy.

On Saturday, the DOH recorded 5,000 Covid-19 cases and 4,899 on Sunday.

The Palace said the presence of new Covid-19 variants in the Philippines could be “one of the grounds” for the spike in active virus cases in Metro Manila, Malacañang said Monday.

In a virtual press briefing, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque rejected speculations that the government’s decision to reopen the economy has led to a surge in daily recorded Covid-19 cases.

Citing data from the Department of Health (DOH), he said authorities even recorded a low single-day rise in Covid-19 cases after the government decided to further reopen the economy in October 2020.

“After we reopened the economy on Oct. 12, there was a decline in cases. And if you see, after Christmas Day, cases continued to decline. Reopening the economy is not the problem,” he said partly in Filipino.

Roque dismissed claims that the national government’s inefficiency is to blame for the spike in daily recorded Covid-19 cases, stressing that the country has a low 2.06-percent case fatality rate.

“Let’s look at data. We were really able to lower cases. It was only this March when cases started to rise. Even if I have repeatedly said that I’m not an expert, I think this confirmation that there are new variants in the country is one of the reasons why there is a surge and not because the government is a failure,” he added.

He also refused to blame the public’s non-compliance with minimum health and safety standards for the spike in daily Covid-19 cases, saying many Filipinos continued to follow quarantine protocols.

The DOH last week said the public’s failure to comply with minimum health standards contributed to the recent increase in Covid-19 cases in the country. SOVEREIGNPH

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