Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

For the past few weeks, I pointed out the dubious if not diabolic agenda of opposition quarters at demonizing President Rodrigo Duterte in every turn, creating mountains out of molehills and deliberately ignoring the achievements that this administration had achieved. 

Little did I know that Philippine Star had, in its coral, writers who rely mainly on questionable sources which are obviously paid mainly to churn out black propaganda and disinformation against countries that are perceived to be inimical to the interest of their patrons.

China bashers committed a big mistake when they dragged the Philippines and Finance Sec. Carlos “Sonny” Dominguez in cursing China by claiming that China’s projects in the Philippines are riddled with secretive issues. 

Dominguez pointed out that the three projects funded by China’s ODA were the Chico River Pump Irrigation Project for the National Irrigation Administration, the Kaliwa Dam for MWSS, and the Philippine National Railway Long Haul Project. Sonny asserts that there was nothing secretive about the loan negotiations as all the nitty-gritty features of the contracts were published on the Website of the Department of Finance.

In short, everything was transparent from the beginning.

It is elementary in journalism to countercheck information gathered from unusual sources if one has to come out with a balanced story. What Sonny is saying, they could have just clicked on the DOF website where all the data are available at their fingertips. 

Dominguez is even more investigative than the Philstar reporters as he revealed that the authors of the article just borrowed the data from a ‘think tank’ called AidData which is under the auspices of William and Mary Global Research Institute, Kiel Institute of World Economy, Center for Global Development and Peterson Institute of International Economics, all funded by Washington DC neo-conservatives who birthed “regime change” by deposing President Ferdinanad Marcos in 1986.

Obviously, the author of the article had wanted to denigrate China and Dominguez in the process made it appear that the Chinese-funded contract was done in secrecy and was only divulged in 2019 at the prodding of lawmakers when, in fact, the details of the deal were immediately posted on the DOF Website.

There were other unfair innuendos in the article which Secretary Dominguez dissected and proven to be figments, inaccurate and speculative.  

Well, call it the hazards of the trade. Now and then publishers and editors are victims of fraudulent stories.

The prestigious Washington Post and Pulitzer Prize were victims of literary fraud. A coveted Pulitzer Prize was awarded to Janet Cooke, who wrote an article about a boy who was embroiled in drugs. The story later turned out to be a fairytale fabricated by the writer. Her story ended her journalistic career and besmirched the reputation of the Washington Post.

But that is Post, Philstar is another story.


For President Rodrigo R. Duterte, unprecedented Trust and Approval ratings came at a price. He is not in the running for the 2022 Presidential elections but the turrets of the fragmented political opposition are all aimed at him. And this includes the propaganda machinery which shamelessly turns news into commentaries. O

h yes, the press in the Philippines is free despite the fact that some of the stories you cannot trust and some are merely meant to rap and create ripples by spreading fake news against Duterte. 

At 91% Trust and Approval rating, the opposition knew that anyone that President Duterte will endorse for any elective post this coming regular election derby will likely make it to the finish line.

The electorate will ignore the ineptitude of Health Sec. Francisco Duque and Agriculture Sec. William Dar cling to their post like barnacles despite the sluggish action of the former in procuring personal protective equipment and vaccines early on, and the latter’s inaction to transport to Metro Manila vegetables from Northern Luzon and meat and fish from Mindanao. 

Yes, the target of vicious propaganda is Duterte and they will leave these two to commit more mistakes so they will have more black propellants for their cannons. 

 The characters in the opposition, however, have proven to be politically leprotic. They have wasted years of opportunity for the country to move forward and indulge in sugar-coating their monumental failures by replaying the People Power episode.

But the nation had become weary, some shocked by the unabashed suggestion of some quarters to make Cory a saint. The country stagnated. Blood of farmers in Plaza Mendiola and the gates of Hacienda Luisita signaled the death of a genuine land reform program. Later the death of SAF 44 proved that learning warfare from video games is just child’s play extended to adulthood.

Thus, the attempt of the minions of the Aquino regime led by X-justice Antonio Carpio to put up a new coalition called “1Sambayan” is dead as it quickly emerged. It was obvious Carpio wants to jettison the moribund Liberal Party for it has become synonymous with failure but just the same his main recruits are the characters that made up the LP.

Again, his main target is President Duterte and in dubious scheme hit Davao City Mayor Inday Sara who, he fears, will come in the way to achieving his ambition. 

As we move closer to May 2022 the Duterte administration will be hounded by hyper-salivating opposition no matter how fragmented they may be. We have seen how they come together despite their countervailing ideologies in their futile efforts to oust Duterte. They will create mountains out of every molehill they come across while nitpicking this administration.

Oh yes, we have seen the achievements delivered by this administration in terms of infrastructures and lifting this country from a sluggish economy to investment grade and stable grade.

It is however our misfortune that Covid hit us. But which country is not? France just declared a one-month lockdown and cases in the US are still soaring like wildfire despite their vaccine rollout.

This administration has its faults. President Duterte kept NPAs in his cabinet. These non-performing assets are no different from a Judas in just a circle of twelve. But then they are inconsequential to the goals that the Duterte government has achieved. 

A decadent conspiracy

It is now obvious x-Justice Antonio Carpio has been consumed with a burning desire to oust Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte

During the launching of the “1SAMBAYAN” coalition, the x-justice hurled an initial salvo attack against Duterte and mincing no words calls him authoritarian, which is another word for ‘dictator’ and charge the President for abetting extra-judicial killings.

Moreover, the unkindest cut of all is when the former magistrate took a stab at Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte whom she described as “not qualified under their coalition”. 

President Duterte has been inured to that oft-repeated tirade by his political enemies who had been salivating for power.

Inday Sara had been busy supervising the enforcement of health protocols and strategic restrictions in Davao. It never occurred to her that a sneak assault from a person she must have least expected will come from happened. After all, she is married to Manases “Mans” Carpio, who like her is a lawyer, but as the husband of the much-talked-about up-coming political figure in the country, is admirably low profile. Mans is a nephew of Conchita Carpio-Morales who is a cousin of the former ombudsman.

Strange indeed While there has been a frenzy of activities all over the country urging her to run the lady mayor is out of the radar screen. She had issued a statement as early as December that she is not running while her father, the President, had counseled her not to run. 

I did manage to get a crisp response from Mayor Inday Sara when I told her about the context of the tirade of the ex-Justice Carpio. Always a polite lady she said: “Yes sir, di ko alam bakit sila biglang mangatake. Puede naman sila magsabi ng diretso we want to run (Yes sir, I cannot understand why the sudden attack. They could have just said directly that they want to run).”

For his part, Attorney Mans posted on Facebook, “I cannot choose my relatives”.

The convenor of 1Sambayan is a former Aquino Education Sec. Armin Luistro and assisted by a Jesuit Bert Alejo who was made famous by Bikoy. Carpio presented in his gallery of candidates the failed Otso Deretso senatorial bets, VP Leni Robredo, Nancy Binay, Grace Poe, Antonio Trillanes, and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno.

x-Justice Carpio and Luistro appeared on primetime TV probably wishing their show of force will start rolling and gather momentum. But as it turned out, it was nothing but a whimper. 

Well, well it looks like 1Sambayan started to disintegrate faster than the sound and fury of the x-justice and the sermon of Brother Luistro.  

Mayor Isko expressed surprise why his name was on the list. Later he issued a statement that he would prefer Davao City Mayor in whatever position she runs. Then came Trillanes who said he will run for President if Leni will not. Trillanes has always been out sync as Stephen Sakur of BBC described him but then where X-Justice Carpio and x-DFA Sec. Albert Del Rosario and the Scarborough issue surface the chief negotiator Trillanes is not far away.

Add the hard loser Jejomar Binay who from his retirement managed with a sepulchral voice to criticize Duterte and x-Justice Caprio’s attempt to either be the king or king-maker is a classic failure. 

X-Justice Carpio’s ambition to become President was extinguished before it can even flutter. What he merely accomplished was assemble with loose nuts and bolts some pieces of political junks.

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