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The First Quarter Storm, as it is now labelled, first started with student rally at the Old Legislative Building in front of Padre Burgos Ave, with its back along Taft Ave, in Manila on January 26, 1970. Violence occurred when a mock casket was shoved into the direction of President Ferdinand Marcos just as he was about to board the presidential limousine. A commotion ensued as students threw plastic-bags full of soda crowns into the air mimicking blasts of pillboxes as they hit the pavement. This caused the police to disperse the crowd violently, unfortunately, resulting into the death of two students and numerous injuries to others. What has to be corrected however is that most of those who attended this rally were students from various schools from Metro Manila and mostly moderate student organizations who were protesting how Constitutional Convention was being conducted. The communist student front Kabataang Makabayan merely infiltrated the rally looking more prominent because they arrived better prepared with long streamers and many placards

By Lt. Gen Antonio Parlade Jr.

Going back to that short but significant part of history that the liberals have always kept from us, let us all understand the beginnings of this monster and how it came about.

There is nothing new with this Oust Duterte noise we are hearing again. It has always been that way ever since these radicals were created by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) in 1968.

Let me emphasize 1968 to remind us it is not about the strongman rule or fascism of the late President Marcos. This came about because of the machinations of Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr., Jose Ma Sison, and Nur Misuari. They created the CPP, the New People’s Army (NPA) and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) to foment a rebellion from all fronts: Luzon and the Visayas with the NPA and Mindanao with the MNLF.

What was the aim of Senator Aquino and his cohorts? It was to create a revolutionary environment, which Jose Maria Sison predicted “will force Marcos to declare martial rule and that will then push activists to go underground.”

Was there violence at this time that would merit declaration of martial law? This is neither a redundancy nor a typographical error. That is a plan, the plan, so no, there is none of those “violence” happening, except for intermittent killings in Mindanao by common thugs and warlords.

Remember, this part of history was kept from us, and the liberal version of that history has been hammered down on us repeatedly through 34 years, until the current dispensation. Hence the need to hammer this fact repeatedly.

Is this revisionism? Hardly.

This bright boy Joma and Ninoy Aquino correctly predicted what would happen should Marcos declare martial law. And so it happened. With the violence instigated by the CPP and MNLF, activists Rigoberto Tiglao, Luz Ilagan, Judy Tagiwalo, Satur Ocampo, de Vera and many more familiar names, mostly from the “tibak” community in Diliman (we can write all their names and make a 10-part series of this article if you want) went to the hills to join the underground CPP to continue with their propaganda work or to join the NPA as rebels.

The latter include Lorena Barros, Maita Gomez, etc. Many of them will actually be very proud to have their names listed here. And this was after the relative peace was disturbed with the violence instigated by these traitors to the Republic.

Come to think of it, many of these were simply “activists” fighting the perceived “tyranny” and “fascist dictatorship” brought about by the heavy-handed response of a regime hell bent on quelling a “fake rebellion” artificially created to rally support to the opposition represented by Senator Ninoy who merely wanted to dislodge Marcos from his seat.

It is a very selfish but seditious agenda made legitimate because of the violent and uninformed response of a military hardly knowledgeable on how to address a political and a propaganda war.

Many members of the group who would soon identify themselves with First Quarter Storm (FQS) were the first to accuse the government of red-tagging.

Indeed, at that time it was only the government’s intelligence dossiers that identified them falsely or accurately as members of the underground. Hence, red-tagging back then was a legitimate concern because if you are falsely tagged you will either end up tortured or killed. But that is hardly the case now.

US Always Has Double Standards on Human Rights

In 1989, Jose Maria Sison clearly identified in a video interview these “legal front groups Gabriela, ACT, KMU, KMP, KM” etc. (the forerunner of Anakbayan, Kabataan, League of Filipino Students, which eventually became the underground mass organization of these youth organizations).

Later after Joma was despicably released by Cory Aquino, together with many of the hardcore CPP-NPA members who would continue to fight the succeeding governments, including hers, would organize the International League of People’s Struggles (ILPS). Again, he proudly identified all the other organizations created later to amass funds from international donors, do propaganda work against the government, infiltrate the UN system, and muster support from overseas and migrant workers.

It is therefore not the fault of the government to properly identify these red organizations and individuals as such. And by the way, there are living witnesses to attest to the truthfulness of what I’m writing, many of them were presented in the Senate inquiry on red-tagging.

These should clarify a recent statement of former Supreme Court associate justice Antonio Carpio that I red-tagged these organizations. If justices were effectively hoodwinked by these “fake revolutionaries” about their true nature, what do we expect of ordinary citizens, more so if none of us lesser souls would speak about the duplicity of these criminals, because of the bullying of those in high offices, including the Senate and Congress?

Just to cite a few examples of how that fake scenario orchestrated by traitor Aquino and his friend Joma created hardcore personalities of the underground, remember that to this day the Tiamzon couple are still at large possibly directing their dying revolution, for whatever reason, other than the communist ideology which we all know to be dead.

I want to single out Jorge Ravelo Madlos @ORIZ/Ka Oris born in General Luna, Siargao, Surigao, adopted son of his uncle former Mayor Mauricio Ravelo of General Luna. He was a former member of the Reformist Youth Organization (RYO) at CMU and a former youth activist in the same school in the late 1960s. He was a member of the First Quarter Storm in the 1970s and joined the underground armed struggle after the declaration of martial law in 1972. He was arrested in 1974, detained in Fort Bonifacio, and released by Cory Aquino. The rest is history.

Today, Madlos, the former secretary of the NPA’s Northeastern Mindanao Regional Committee (NEMRC) in the 1980s, is spokesperson of NDFP Mindanao, and was elected as head of the National Operation Command, NPA, National Military Commission. Currently he is also head of the National Political Commission, Central Committee. His wife is Maria Solarte @Malaya, at present the secretary of NEMRPC.

Madlos is known more for his exploits in terrorizing businesses, burning equipment, extorting money from contractors and mining companies, and possibly funding the rebellion nationwide with the billions they are getting from extortion.

Who would know how many thousands of indigenous peoples he has killed or children he has recruited into the NPA ranks? He is very old, very sick and dying, but what we want readers to understand is that this Madlos is just one of the monsters Aquino and Joma have created, by conspiring to create the CPP-NPA-NDF for a political ambition they knew was impossible to be had at a time when the country’s economy was next to Japan, and with relative peace and national discipline that is intact, until it was broken by these fake revolutionaries, scammers and schemers.

On April 29, they will celebrate their last anniversary.

We know where they will go next — peace talks. But are we again to accede and save their asses should they get lucky with the next president we will elect, if we are not watchful?

Talking of peace talks, I shall write about this intensively and the NDF’s Comprehensive Agreement on Socio and Economic Reforms (Caser).

If you heard Rep. France Castro asking the AFP to surrender their arms instead, that’s actually contained in the Caser document. Very interesting topic that will raise eyebrows. Abangan.

President Marcos is shown being protected by his security detail, from flying debris hurled at his direction while leaving the Old Legislative building after delivering his State of the Nation Address. Another round of demonstrations began in various parts of Manila on January 30, 1970, starting to converge at 3pm from the Freedom Park over Mendiola Bridge all the way to Malacanang at J.P. Laurel Avenue, in protest against the violent dispersal by the police of the rallyists four days earlier. Again, what is now known as the Battle of Mendiola, was participated in by mostly moderate student organizations, but as nightfall crept in Kabataang Makabayan once again provoked law enforcement into violent dispersal. This time 13 students died and hundreds got injured as order along Mendiola and J.P. Laurel was only restored by 3’oclock of the following morning. Further etails on this event may be sourced from THE SENATE REPORT –

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