Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

Russia confirmed 8,697 cases of the coronavirus disease 2019 on Saturday, with the total reaching 4.823 million, the anti-coronavirus crisis center told reporters on Sunday.

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In relative terms, the growth rate stood at 0.18 percent.

The lowest growth rates were registered over the past day in the Jewish Autonomous Region, the Nenets Autonomous Region and the Chukotka Autonomous Region (zero percent), the Republic of Tuva (0.01 percent), the Murmansk and Magadan Regions, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region, the Khabarovsk Region and the Republic of Altai (0.04 percent).

Some 718 Covid-19 cases were confirmed in St. Petersburg, 650 in the Moscow Region, 226 in the Rostov Region, 152 in the Voronezh Region, and 150 in the Samara Region.

Currently, 268,471 people are undergoing treatment in Russia.

Moscow confirmed 2,699 Covid-19 cases over the past day, bringing the total case tally to 1,098,718.

The growth rate reached 0.25 percent over the past day. A day earlier 3,208 Covid-19 cases were registered.

Russia’s Covid-19 recoveries rose by 7,339 over the past day, reaching 4.443 million.

The share of recovered patients remained at 92.1 percent of the total case tally.

Over the past day, 982 patients recovered in St. Petersburg, 444 in the Moscow Region, 201 in the Pskov Region, 192 in the Rostov Region and 188 in the Nizhny Novgorod Region.

A total of 1,617 patients recovered over the past day and the total number of recoveries in the capital hit 994,965.

Currently, 85,325 people are undergoing treatment.

Russia’s Covid-19 death toll rose by 342 over the past day versus 392 a day earlier, reaching 110,862 since the start of pandemic.

The average mortality rate remained at 2.3 percent, according to the crisis center.

Over the past day, 36 Covid-19 deaths were registered in St. Petersburg, 16 in the Moscow Region, 15 in the Rostov and Nizhny Novgorod Region, and 12 in the Krasnodar Region.Moscow recorded 54 Covid-19 deaths, and the total death toll in the capital hit 18,428, the crisis center reported. SOVEREIGNPH

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