Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

Incumbent local government officials and other leaders belonging to the PDP-Laban Bulacan Chapter on Friday unanimously passed a resolution expressing “strong disapproval” to Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao’s public statements and actions apparently critical of President Rodrigo Duterte’s position on the West Philippine Sea and the administration’s management of the pandemic. 

(photo courtesy: http://www.politics.com.ph)

In a consultative meeting here, participants questioned the motive of the statements of Pacquiao, who currently sits as the “acting president” of the ruling PDP-Laban with President Duterte as the party chairman.

Recitals in the Bulacan Chapter Resolution referred to Pacquiao’s statements as constituting “acts as inimical to the Party as they tend to disparage the leadership of President Duterte and intended to weaken public support of the constituencies against the latter.”

In recent days, Pacquiao was quoted in an online interview that he found Duterte’s stance on China in the West Philippine Sea as lacking.

Sa akin, nakukulangan ako, nakukulangan ako kumpara doon sa bago pa siya tumakbo, nage-eleksyon pa lang. Dapat ituloy nya yun para magkaroon din naman tayo ng respeto (galing sa China),” he was quoted as saying.

PDP Bulacan Chapter leaders said Pacquiao as the acting president cannot take a critical position against the party chairman since Pacquiao uses the PDP-Laban Party as his platform in his political sorties.

They added that Pacquiao should have gone through regular processes instituted in the Party Constitution for these major political issues because his statements will always be taken in the context of him being the PDP-Laban acting president.

“Such statements attacking the Party Chairman are not sanctioned by National Council and without going thru official party channels and therefore against the principle of Consultative and Participatory Democracy as embodied in the Party Constitution,” the resolution read. SOVEREIGNPH

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