Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

Asian Century By Herman Tiu Laurel

I refuse to be stuck in the quagmire the U.S. and its network of colonial media, political, academic and civil society excrements have been trying to get the Philippines and Filipinos stuck in – the stinking sticky cesspool created by the South China Sea arbitration lawfare (law as warfare tool) to sabotage the country’s economic recovery and the continuing rise of the Asian Century.

 In this article I therefore focus first on the blooming potential for early recovery of the Philippines from the economic and social devastation wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic, highlighting the ever-bright hopes with China’s indisputably massive vaccine assistance to the World with donations and “public goods” terms for sales of millions to doses of life-saving safe vaccines to the country.

On top of the vaccines is the restoration of normality to trade and investment from China. China’s spectacular 2021 First Quarter growth of 18.3% and launch of CICPE (China International Consumer Products Expo), enhances the CIIE (China International Import Expo) pledge to buy $ 300-Trillion of goods and $ 10-Trillion of services in the next 15-years from the RCEP members and the world

US cannot decouple from China

 Even the US with all its rampaging rhetoric against China and relentless pursuit of it Trade and technology war against China can’t manage to break off from its dependence of China’s quality, technologically advanced and uniquely affordable goods as US trade with China rose 50% in the 1st Qtr. of 2021 – US imports rising 43% and exports 53.3%,

There is a malign motive behind the U.S. obsession with the containment of China, its rooted in the West’s disguised White supremacism stemming from 500 years of colonial domination of non-Whites. It lurks behind the championing of racial equality, human rights, “rules-based order” but exposed in its uncompromising refusal to accept China and others as equals

Supremacist elements in the U.S. cannot escape the reality that the White race and U.S. no longer has the capacity nor right to be a sole superpower, nor “decouple” from others without harming itself. India’s Hindutva is also a supremacist ideology in a confused way seeking a muddled “alliance” with the U.S. to contain China while it relapses in the pandemic, and ethnic and caste conflicts.

Philippine colonial excrements

I now go all out to condemn and call out the colonial excrements in Philippine society who use the lame excuse of “sovereignty” and “democracy” to fuel a destructive media community and its networks owned and controlled by oligarchs beholden to Western economic interests, manned by professional “presstitutes” to sabotage the economic liberation of the Philippines in this 21st Century.

 “Colonial excrement” was spurred by my witness of the scion of a Philippine journalism’s iconic name tracing back to the American colonial period – Locsin, Teodoro Montelibano (think sugar hacienderos) editor of The Philippines’ Free Press. The colonial mentality of the lineage erupted in the abhorrible loutishness of “Teddyboy” Locsin using the “F” word on the venerable Chinese government.

So, I use “colonial excrements” now to respond to FB vitriols telling me, a Tsinoy, to go home to China. I tell these “excrements” off (like anti-China Spanish lout Rafael Alunan III diplomat poseur) return to the even farther West and reconnect with their Neanderthal roots. In reality the most credible theory anthropological theory is that Austronesians and Indo-Malay peoples migrated “out of Taiwan”.

Gunboat Diplomacy’s redux

The most obnoxious stink of the excrements is their welcome of the return of the era of 19th Century gunboat diplomacy, either noisily or silently applauding the blatant provocation posed by so-called Freedom of Navigation Operations (FONOPs) as if freedom of any nation had ever been guaranteed by arms and ammunitions and not economic viability and vitality.

 Asia is in this 21st Century asserting its restoration of its freedom to grow, develop and become equal of all the other regions that have established a prosperous and stable community of geographically and historically associated neighborhood – with China’s peaceful rise as its foundation and springboard the ASEAN and Asia together building the Asian Century.

In recent months French and British gunboats, aircraft carriers and warships, in support of U.S. gunboat FONOPs, joined in by lackeys Australia and Japan, provocatively challenge the shared and exclusively waters of countries of the region (including the internal waters of the Philippines and India’s EEZ in the Indian Ocean). Philippine mainstream media celebrates them, nothing less than disgusting.

China’s constructive World Vision

The more decent elements of Western Civilization are not at odds with China’s peaceful rise and offer of constructive global cooperation. China has presented both political and economic programs for global progress – the Multi-Polar world based on genuine multilateralism and the “Belt and Road Initiative” bringing economic development to the evolving economies of Eurasia, Africa and Middle East.

Half of the EU countries would benefit from China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” and its economic opportunities, hence the consensus achieved for the EU-China “Comprehensive Agreement on Investment” which Biden has momentarily forced a pause in with G7 pressure tactics. New Zealand under US bullying raised “human rights” issues but refused to tag China with the “genocide” charge.

China achieved technological parity with the West and crossed the threshold towards self-sustaining economic and geopolitical rise and unstoppable commanding economic heights due to its immense internal market and production oriented socio-political culture. The US is moving heaven and earth to reverse the trend but there are multifarious voices even in the West that China is unstoppable.

Sabotaging Philippine Growth Hopes

Having established in the foregoing paragraphs China’s inexorable path to high growth and the helplessness of the U.S., we can focus on China’s sincere intentions of pursuing a constructive global endeavor of what it describes as “Win-Win” global diplomacy, economy and geopolitically multilateralist architecture. The Philippines can and will rise, as ASEAN and Asia will, with China’s rise.

It is in this opportunity for the Philippines to grow with powerhouse China that the most revolting intention of the Filipino colonial excrements lies – obstructin the Philippines’ rise just to put down China in following the U.S. diktats. Trying to sabotage Philippine-China diplomatic and People-to-People relations by creating enmity between the two traditionally friendly and fraternal nations.

With the failure of mainstream media to honestly reflect the true news of the day, the rise of social media has become the new normal inkling towards the truth.

The obstructionism and sabotage peaked in the past five years, the time has come for this grand distraction to end.

China’s good works with the Philippines must be highlighted by truthful and sensible Philippine print, broadcast and social media elements, while ways must be found to go outside the mainstream media box to unorthodox media methods to bring the good and proper news to the public.

ASEAN is one with China

The Filipino people should see the positive outlook ASEAN nations are taking relative to China that mainstream media is blocking. Vietnam is strengthening its bond with China as the country’s new Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc since April 5 this year declared in a meeting with Chinese State and Foreign Minister Wang Yi that Vietnam “will never follow some other countries to oppose China”.

Malaysia’s Foreign Minister Hishammuddin Hussein in his first visit to China called his Chinese counterpart “elder brother”, vowing vowed to pursue closer ties. Indonesia’s navy had a joint patrol exercise with the Chinese navy in the waters off Jakarta to improve “trust and cooperation” in the South China Sea. Thailand is relaxing quarantine rules preparing for 700,000 Chinese tourists after July 1, 2021.

The Philippines’ future prosperity is with its top trading partner China, not with the United States (a far third with a major part of its trade in surplus military materiel sales).

Those colonial excrements, including those in the media, academe, the oligarchy and the smattering few now in Armed Forces of the Philippines, with the Navy in particular, should be weeded out by being unmasked (like Rappler’s Ressa or ABS-CBN’s Zambrano) and totally stripped of any credibility.

China-US trade rises 50% Jan-Apr, highlighting inseparable bilateral economic ties https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202105/1222869.shtml

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