Thu. Jun 24th, 2021

The Department of Health (DOH) on Sunday reported 7,541 new recoveries from the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), pushing the total to nearly 1.07 million.

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According to the DOH, the figure is equivalent to a 93.5-percent recovery rate among those who contracted the infectious disease.

The DOH also logged 5,790 new confirmed Covid-19 cases, bringing the total number of active cases to 54,904. However, the department was quick to clarify that the low number of cases on Sunday was due to the low output of testing laboratories last Friday.

“The low number of cases today is due to the low testing output of laboratories on Friday, May 14,” the DOH said.

Of the active cases, about 93.3 percent are mild, 2.1 percent are asymptomatic, 1.9 percent are severe, 1.23 are moderate, and 1.4 percent are in critical condition.

The DOH also logged 140 new deaths, pushing the death toll to 19,191 or 1.68 percent of total cases.

Data submitted on May 14 also showed that 13.2 percent of 36,318 who were tested turned out positive for Covid-19.

Currently, 58 percent of 1,900 intensive care unit beds, 43 percent of 13,500 isolation beds, 47 percent of 6,000 ward beds, and 40 percent of 2,000 ventilators are utilized by patients with Covid-19 nationwide.Meanwhile, 57 percent of 800 intensive care unit beds, 42 percent of 3,800 isolation beds, 47 percent of 2,200 ward beds, and 46 percent of 800 ventilators dedicated to patients with Covid-19 are in use in the National Capital Region. SOVEREIGNPH

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