Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

The Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM) has identified 1,272 barangays nationwide as having the highest number of cases of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) in the country, and all of them are classified as “high-population density (HD),” with populations ranging from 201 to 999 per hectare.

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The 1,272 barangays had an average of 137 cases over an eight-month period from September 2020 to April 15, 2021. 

Such numbers compare to an average of 19 cases over the same period in 20,889 barangays. POPCOM however noted that 15,252 communities remained “Covid-free” during the period.

The agency has classified the 1,272 barangays as “high-population density (HD).” On the other hand, barangays with lower caseloads had populations below 200 per hectare and were labeled as “low-population density (LD)” and “medium-population density (MD)” communities. POPCOM’s classification covers 35,149, or 83 percent of all barangays. 

The community with the highest density in the Philippines, according to the agency,  is Barangay 73 in Caloocan City, with a population of 19,506 inside 1 hectare. 

Referencing numbers from the Department of Health (DOH), POPCOM recently released the latest version of its demographic vulnerabilities tool or DVT, which displays, based on its classifications, the latest figures on barangays, together with the effects of the pandemic in each of them. The agency gathered that 63.4 percent of barangays nationwide reported Covid-19 infections, with 11.5 percent tallying deaths in the said period. 

“In terms of Covid-19 linked deaths, 3,348 LDs and MDs had 6,186, or 1.84 per barangay. Inside HDs, there were 1,941 who perished—or 3.38 casualties—an average almost twice as many in less-densely populated barangays,” POPCOM said. SOVEREIGNPH

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