Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

An official of the PDP-Laban party on Sunday asserted the authority of party president and Senator Manny Pacquiao, saying a national assembly can be convened only with the approval of Pacquiao.

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PDP-Laban executive director Ron Munsayac also said in a statement that PDP-Laban vice chairman and Department of Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi has no authority to convene the party’s national assembly.

On Sunday, Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque earlier said President Rodrigo Duterte, the chairman of the party, had directed Cusi to convene the party’s national assembly.

“With all due respect to the Presidential Spokesperson, the PDP- Laban has its constitution and by-laws for a reason,” Munsayac said in a message thread. “It’s very clear that ONLY the Chairman (Duterte) in coordination with the Party President (Pacquiao) can call on the Party’s National Council and/or Assembly,” said Munsayac.

He added Pacquiao will request a meeting with Duterte to set the agenda for a legitimate council meeting.

“Let us follow the proper process. Senator Manny Pacquiao will request for a meeting with Chairman/President Duterte so the two party leaders can discuss and set the agenda for the legitimate national council meeting to be set a month before the filing of candidacies, or earlier if the Chairman wishes,” said Munsayac in his statement.

He also questioned why the announcement of the President’s directive for the convening of the PDP-Laban national assembly was made by Roque who is not part of the party.

Pacquiao earlier issued a memorandum saying the “said invitation letter is not sanctioned by Authorized National Council officials and violates Section 4 and Section 5, Article XVI, Constitution of the PDP Laban.” SOVEREIGNPH

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