Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

By Ado Paglinawan

Major General Henry Robinson Jr., commander of the Joint Task Force Bicolandia, did not mince words:

“Three days after Keith Absalon and his cousin’s death, what the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) can only offer was an apology and an insincere admittance of their “crime” which was issued only after receiving public outrage for their acts of terrorism.

“In fact, if Keith is not a public figure, they won’t apologize just like how they ruthlessly ignore the previous victims of their anti-people and anti-development attacks.

“What else do we expect from a terrorist group? Thankfully, this time, they did not deny doing it. It only qualifies them to be called terrorists.

“This gesture deserves the wrath not only of the Bicolanos but the whole Filipino people. Record shows how this terrorist group recklessly violates domestic and international laws by detonating landmines intended for government troops and civilians.

“We are challenging the CTG, if you are really sorry, surrender your members to the authorities and have them pay for their crimes.

“Also, we are calling on the Karapatan Bicol and other organizations here in Bicol claiming to be advocates and defenders of human rights, speak up and take your stand about this issue.

“This is a perfect time to show the Bicolanos, especially the Masbateños that you are fighting for the rights of the people.

“The Absalons do not deserve a mere apology; they deserve JUSTICE.”

NPA statements.

There is something eerily incongruent about these two statements of Marco Valbuena, spox of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

First, why did he red-tagged himself as also speaking for the New Peoples Army?

Second, while he says they are taking full responsibility for the deaths, why is he restricting to an NPA unit the blame?

Finally, what military action was he referring to?

Is he implying that the Absalons were combatants? If they are combatants, why the apology?

The apology is only because the incident drew a terribly adverse flak from the general public, that now threatens to blow up their entire propaganda strategy.

They simply assassinated Keith Absalon.

The local government unit and the Philippine National Police had earlier been using used Keith as a poster boy to promote sports to busy up kids so they would not resort drugs and be recruited by the NPA.

So this is not just a simple story of a mistaken identity or an accidental killing.

The scenario of the murder was meticulously studied, cased and patterned. The truth is communist terrorists studied the situation to the detail, planned it, and executed it perfectly.

Keith was ambushed together with other bikers to bait law enforcers into responding and being baited into a bigger encounter. This will explain why there were reports of gunfire.

What could have been accidental was the triggering of the land mine.

That would explain why the police could not respond quickly. They had to take unusual precautions before finally moving in.

Their subsequent statement that “NPA-detonated explosives are legitimate weapons of war” because “they are a poor man’s bomb” reveal the brazen poison underneath their ridiculous propaganda.

It is a desperate gasp to, legitimize their lost cause that has so far killed more than 50,000 Filipinos for the past 52 years.

The CPP-NPA-NDF will take responsibility, quickly apologize in the open, and instead use their legal fronts to project the incident as a collateral consequence of a legitimate revolution and calls for peace talks.

No way, Jose (Maria Sison)!

Even idiots know that killing innocent civilians can never be justified.

A little more education makes one learn that improvised explosive device can never be legitimized because it kills indiscriminately.

One is already a bit sophisticated when he knows that such land mines (IEDs) are an utter violation of human rights. 

Communists in Congress

The landmine blast in Masbate has opened an old wound and revived the feud between the two factions of the Philippine Left in the Congress of the Philippines – Akbayan on one side, and the Makabayan bloc on the other.

Akbayan challenged the Makabayan bloc to denounce all the atrocities and abuses the NPA has committed against the public, including its extortion activities, recruitment of child soldiers, and the assassinations and threats of violence against progressive leaders and organizations.

Dr. Naguil Naguit, Akbayan spox said, “the Makabayan bloc could not condemn and praise the NPA at the same time, “the Makabayan bloc could not be ‘selective’ by “condemning a single act of violence because of strong public backlash, and ignore the rest of the NPA’s crimes because they don’t land on today’s front page.”

Naguit likewise called out the Makabayan bloc for recommending the filing of complaints with the non-existent Joint Monitoring Committee, saying it was a “non-starter.” Akbayan said the primary action should be surrendering the rebels who are behind the death of the Absalons to the Philippine National Police, implying that the perpetrators should not just be subject communist terrorist kangaroo court.

“The Makabayan bloc owes this to the people who are sick and tired of the NPA’s impunity. Justice is only truly revolutionary when it is enjoyed by all. If it only belongs to a few, the bloc’s so-called ‘condemnation’ of the NPA remains a shallow and opportunistic gesture. Much like the apology the NPA issued on the killing of civilians in Masbate,” Naguit added.

Moreover, Akbayan urged the Makabayan bloc to denounce the 2005 hit list issued by the CPP/NPA-NDF terrorists against progressive leaders whom they tagged as “class enemies.” Significantly, former Commission on Human Rights chairperson and Akbayan chair emeritus Etta Rosales was included in that list.

Kieth’s murder as leverage for peace talks?

Now that the clouds over Masbate is clearing, the true motive of Kieth’s gruesome killing is surfacing.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie Badoy takes issue on the Makabayan Bloc, “Even on the murder of Kieth Absalon, they have remained relentlessly focused and totally devoid of shame in using the death of this gifted athlete –to further the goals of the CPP-NPA-NDF by manipulating government to go to the table for another round of that sarcastically named ‘peace talks’ that are so bereft of sincerity that we might as well call it what it is: piss talks.”

“Our President has already spoken, there will not now or ever be- while he sits as President—any peace talks with you liars. Duterte now pisses on your phoney piss talks.

“While the Philippine government entered into past peace talks with complete sincerity, the communist terrorists made sure the body count of our men and women in uniform reached sky-high,” said Badoy. 

Genuine peace talks continue on the local level so that over 14,000 have peacefully laid down their arms. The peace that has eluded the past five presidencies is now at hand.

“As for you and the rest of the Makabayan bloc blocking the budget of a Task Force that has accomplished unprecedented gains for our country and that is headed by no less than the President of the Republic of the Philippines, this is all that I can say to you.

“You are not genuine members of the House of Representatives. You are impostors.

“You got there by deceiving the Filipino people with the CPP NPA NDF’s elaborate sectoral block voting mechanism and by lying to the Filipino people about who you truly are: 6 of the most hardcore members of the CPP NPA NDF who can be counted on to meet the goals of this terrorist organization.

““You do not belong there. You do not represent the Filipino people. You sully and dirty this venerable institution by your mere presence there.

“You represent Joma Sison and the terrorist organization, the CPP NPA NDF.

“You have enabled some of the most terrible and unspeakable crimes against the Filipino people by your grave misuse and abuse of power.

“High ranking party members of the CPP NPA NDF Arlene Brosas and Carlos Zarate have taken issue with me because I said that the NTF ELCAC aims to take out the Joma Sison Bloc from Congress. They have both threatened to block the budget of the NTF ELCAC because of this.

“First of all, that money does not belong to Ka Arlene and Ka Kaloi. It is the Filipino people’s—and they are sick and tired of the terrorist organization you are part of and would like nothing more than to have it stricken off the face of the earth.

“Arlene Brosas, Carlos Zarate and their four other comrades in Congress — Sarah Elago, Eufemia Cullamat, France Castro and Ferdinanad Gaite — give powerful cover to communist terrorism.

“The same terrorists who have murdered an untold number of our indigenous brothers and sisters. And who have brought so much grief and suffering to our people.  And they have provided cover for terrorist fronts that enable the radicalization and recruitment of our children into violent extremism.

“It is the duty and moral obligation –not just of the NTF ELCAC—but of every Filipino to protect the Philippine legislature and make sure you and the rest of the NPA Bloc are taken out of it.

“I live and work for the day when you, the leaders of this biggest crime syndicate in the country, will pay for all the blood crimes you have committed against the most helpless in our midst—our indigenous peoples, the children we have lost.

With that, Usec Badoy rests her case.

MURDER MACHINE. An NPA assembly-plant of bombs, now more commonly referred to as improvised explosive device, or anti-personnel mines by the military, is shown above after being discovered in Labo, Camarines Norte last June 29, 2020. Count the number of yellow materials on the table below, and find out how many they intend to kill out there who will be mostly civilians.
Robinson earlier statement on improvised explosive devices.

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