Thu. Jul 29th, 2021

An elderly Fil-American living in Cerritos, California became the latest victim of Asian hate crimes in the United States.

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Seventy-year old Cesar Echano said he was verbally and physically assaulted at the Cerritos Regional Part last June 5 by a white man in his 20s who stood between 5’9” and 6’0.” The Fil-Am senior said he was punched in the face as he sat in his car and his wife was also verbally assaulted.

The suspect remains at large. Echano has been living in the US for 30 years.

Echano said the suspect told him: “You don’t belong here! Go back to your country,” then followed him and his wife as they made their way to their car.

He had to go to the hospital to have his black eye treated, and is now scared to go out after the harrowing experience.

Echano is the most recent reported case of Filipino in the US who became a victim of Asian hate crimes after a diplomat assigned to the Philippine Consulate General in New York was verbally assaulted by an unknown individual in a train on her way to the office last week.

“One of our colleagues at the Philippine Consulate General in New York became the latest victim of anti-Asian hate. Our colleague, a female consular officer, was verbally assaulted while on board the B train on her way to the Consulate yesterday morning,” Consul General Elmer Cato said in a statement over the weekend.

The victim said a man on board the train accosted her as soon as she stepped inside by asking her: “Where’d you come from? Where’d you come from?” He then went on with his race-based tirade by saying: “We don’t need you here! We don’t need you here! F**k you! I hope you all die and everybody on this train!”

The incident was already reported to the New York City Police Department. SOVEREIGNPH

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